Aali, Champion of Kodosh is a Hero unit card.

How to Get Edit

After purchasing the Promises by Firelight campaign, beating its mission MISSIONNAME unlocks a playset of Aali, Champion of Kodosh.

Premium versions of Aali, Champion of Kodosh also unlock if the premium campaign is purchased. Without it, the premium cards can be crafted for Shiftstone icon3200 Shiftstone each, after being unlocked in the mission.

Voiceovers Edit

On Play:"The winds of Kodosh brought us together."

Strategy Edit

Nothing here yet!

Notes Edit

Avatar - Aali, Champion of Kodosh

Aali premium Avatar

The premium upgrade to Promises by Firelight includes an Aali premium avatar.

Aali is part of a cycle of single-faction Hero units in Promises by Firelight, the champions of the Xultan Ancestors. These Xultan champions are: Endra, Champion of Shavka, Ixtol, Champion of Grodov, Aali, Champion of Kodosh, Lys, Champion of Linrei, and Kuro, Champion of Makkar.


1.51.0...3J Summon: Silence enemy with 5 strength or less (was 3JJ Silence 4 strength or less).
1.50.0...Wording updated (non-functional change)
1.49.0...Released in Promises by Firelight.


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