In-game achievements.

Achievement progression can be found through the Profile screen.

Eternal has an achievement meta-goal system which tracks and rewards players for progress in campaigns and puzzles, reaching milestones in the different game modes, and fulfilling various other conditions. Several of Eternal's platforms have their own achievements, which mirror some in-game achievements.

In-Game Achievements Edit

A notification is shown at the end of any match in which an achievement is completed, displaying its name, description, and reward. Each achievement rewards some amount of the Gold icon gold or Shiftstone icon shiftstone game currencies, along with a number of "achievement points" (these only indicate general progression, there is no benefit or other use for these points).

Achievement progression is displayed in the Profile's Achievements sub-screen. This screen lists all achievements and their rewards, though some unearned achievements are hidden until their conditions are fulfilled.

Platform Achievements Edit

Steam achievements.

The 15 original platform achievements on Steam.

Eternal has platform achievements for Steam (PC) and Xbox Live (Xbox One/PC). Platform achievements were introduced on Steam in the patch 1.14 transition to Open Beta and Steam integration.[1] They were included on Xbox Live with the Eternal's launch on Xbox One on November 21, 2018.[2]

15 achievements were initially available, with additional ones added with new set releases. These achievements mostly mirror a subset of those found in-game.

The Flame of Xulta was the first release where platform achievements weren't identical; it added more achievements on Steam than on Xbox.

List of Achievements Edit

The following is a compiled list of all known game achievements, including secret achievements. They have been grouped here based on their associated game modes.

Editor's note: Some achievements may be missing. As new achievements are added to the game and secret ones are discovered, feel free to add them to this list.

Steam platform achievements are indicated with a checkmark, while Xbox ones list their earned Gamerscore.

◊ - Hidden Achievement
† - Retired (no longer available)

Campaign Achievements Edit

Name Description Reward Points Xbox Steam Patch Added
Learn the Real StoryPlay as Caiphus in the Campaign.800 Gold icon10050
Jekk's BountyComplete Jekk's Bounty Campaign. 800 Shiftstone icon100
The Tale of Horus TraverComplete the Tale of Horus Traver campaign. 800 Shiftstone icon100
Dead ReckoningComplete the Dead Reckoning campaign. 800 Shiftstone icon100v1.29
Into ShadowComplete the Into Shadow campaign. 800 Shiftstone icon100v1.39
HomecomingComplete the Homecoming campaign. 800 Shiftstone icon10050v1.45
Promises by Firelight.Complete Promises by Firelight. 800 Shiftstone icon10050v1.50...

Puzzle Achievements Edit

Name Description Reward Points Xbox Steam Added
Learning EternalComplete 25 puzzles. 200 Gold icon20v1.23
Advanced MechanicsComplete 50 puzzles. 200 Gold icon50v1.23
Can't Trick MeComplete 75 puzzles. 200 Gold icon100v1.23
Puzzle MasterComplete 100 puzzles. 200 Gold icon100v1.28

Gauntlet & Forge Achievements Edit

Name Description Reward Points Xbox Steam Added
Gauntlet MasterGet to Master in Gauntlet. 1,000 Gold icon50
HealthyWin with 999 health in a Gauntlet game. 20 Gold icon20
Mind GamesWin a Gauntlet game by running your opponent out of cards. 20 Gold icon20
So Close ◊Lose to a Gauntlet boss. 200 Gold icon100v1.22
So SatisfyingReduce an opponent's health to -999 in the Gauntlet. 20 Gold icon20
Forge MasterGet to Master rank in Forge. 800 Shiftstone icon50
Aced ItWin a Forge without losing a game. 100 Shiftstone icon50
Forge ExpertWin 5 Forges without losing a game. 200 Shiftstone icon10050

PvP Achievements Edit

Name Description Reward Points Xbox Steam Added
Join the FightWin 100 PvP games. 75 Gold icon50100
BattlemasterWin 500 PvP games. 100 Gold icon100
Veteran of WarWin 1,000 PvP games. 200 Gold icon200
Hand of the ThroneWin 10,000 PvP games. 5,000 Gold icon500
Pledge to EilynWin 1,000 PvP games with a Primal deck. 800 Shiftstone icon 200
Pledge to KalebWin 1,000 PvP games with a Fire deck. 800 Shiftstone icon 200
Pledge to RolantWin 1,000 PvP games with a Justice deck. 800 Shiftstone icon 200
Pledge to TalirWin 1,000 PvP games with a Time deck. 800 Shiftstone icon 200
Pledge to VaraWin 1,000 PvP games with a Shadow deck. 800 Shiftstone icon 200

Ranked Achievements Edit

Name Description Reward Points Xbox Steam Added
Ranked: SilverEarn Silver in Ranked for any season. 200 Gold icon5050
Ranked: GoldEarn Gold in Ranked for any season. 500 Gold icon10050
Ranked: DiamondEarn Diamond in Ranked for any season. 1,000 Gold icon200100
Ranked: MasterEarn Master in Ranked for any season. 2,000 Gold icon300100
Ranked Streak: 3Win 3 Ranked games in a row. 100 Gold icon50
Ranked Streak: 5Win 5 Ranked games in a row. 250 Gold icon10050
Ranked Streak: 10Win 10 Ranked games in a row. 1,000 Gold icon300

Expedition Achievements Edit

Name Description Reward Points Xbox Steam Added
Expedition: SilverEarn Silver in Expedition for any season. 200 Gold icon5050v1.48
Expedition: GoldEarn Gold in Expedition for any season. 500 Gold icon10050v1.48
Expedition: DiamondEarn Diamond in Expedition for any season. 1,000 Gold icon200100v1.48
Expedition: MasterEarn Master in Expedition for any season. 2,000 Gold icon300100v1.48
Expedition Streak: 3Win 3 Expedition games in a row. 100 Gold icon50v1.48
Expedition Streak: 5Win 5 Expedition games in a row. 250 Gold icon10050v1.48
Expedition Streak: 10Win 10 Expedition games in a row. 1,000 Gold icon300v1.48

Draft Achievements Edit

Name Description Reward Points Xbox Steam Added
Draft: SilverEarn Silver in Draft for any season. 200 Gold icon5050
Draft: GoldEarn Gold in Draft for any season. 500 Gold icon10050
Draft: DiamondEarn Diamond in Draft for any season. 1,000 Gold icon200100
Draft: MasterEarn Master in Draft for any season. 2,000 Gold icon300100
UndefeatedEnd a Draft with a 7-0 record. 200 Shiftstone icon10050
Draft ExpertEnd 5 Drafts with a 7-0 record. 800 Shiftstone icon200
Eternal DrafterEnd 50 Drafts with a 7-0 record. 3,200 Gold icon500
Lucky PullPlay a legendary card in Draft. 75 Gold icon10050


Miscellaneous Achievements Edit

Name Description Reward Points Xbox Steam Added
A New Era ◊Play the sixth Scion. 75 Gold icon5010v1.45
AfflictedPlay 50 Afflictions. 50 Gold icon20v1.27
All Who Wander ◊Have a 25/25 or larger Wandering Wisp. 75 Gold icon50v1.27
All Who Wander Are Not Lost ◊Draw Quinn, Lone Wanderer from the void three times in the same game.[Note 1] 75 Gold icon5010v1.42
AlphaKill 50 units with Killer. 50 Gold icon20v1.22
Arm Wrestle ◊Transform 30 units into Stone Cudgels. 100 Gold icon50
Army of the ShugoHave four Oni wielding weapons. 75 Gold icon5010v1.46...
Awaken the Dragon ◊Play 5 or more Dragons at once off Clutch of Talons. 75 Gold icon5010v1.42
BagHaBug!Play 100 Yeti. 75 Gold icon50v1.27
Battle for the ThronePlay all 5 Scions. 75 Gold icon2050
Battle MagePlay a spell with 3 or more battle skills. 75 Gold icon5010v1.50...
Bigger is BetterWin a game with a 150 card deck. 75 Gold icon50
Blade BarrierGain 500 Armor. 75 Gold icon10010v1.50...
Bold TinkeringPlay a unit with at least 7-cost with Keelo 75 Gold icon5010v1.51...
BOOM! ◊Kill an opponent with a Firebomb. 100 Gold icon100
BondBond 100 times. 75 Gold icon50
Bring Them BackPlay 100 units from the void. 75 Gold icon100
BuriedActivate Entomb from your units 50 times. 75 Gold icon50v1.22
But Wait...There's More!Draw 5 or more cards in one turn with Archgryffyn Patriarch. 75 Gold icon5010v1.49...
Call the Ancients ◊Play 4 Titans from Call the Ancients 50 Gold icon50
ConquerorDestroy 50 enemy Sites. 75 Gold icon5010v1.42
Coordinated ArrivalHave three or more Shifted units emerge in a single turn. 75 Gold icon5010v1.46
CursedPlay 100 curses. 50 Gold icon20v1.27
Cut the MusterActivate three Muster abilities in a single turn. 75 Gold icon5010v1.47.2
Decimated ◊Kill an opponent through Aegis with Decimate. 75 Gold icon50v1.22
Delve DeepPlay a 5-cost spell with Praxis Trove. 75 Gold icon5010v1.51...
DestinedPlay 30 units with Destiny. 75 Gold icon50
Disarmament ◊Kill 15 attachments at once with Crill. 75 Gold icon50v1.36
Do Not Go Gentle ◊Win after playing Demand Death. 75 Gold icon5010v1.45
Do the TwistTwist 100 times. 75 Gold icon5010v1.46
EasyWin a game in 4 turns or less. 20 Gold icon20
Emerald MasterPlay a unit with 15 Strength or more with merald Maw. 75 Gold icon5010v1.50...
EmpoweredActivate Empower 50 times. 75 Gold icon50v1.22
Empty the ChamberDeal 1,000 damage. 50 Gold icon20
ExaltationPlay an Exalted Weapon with five or more battle skills. 75 Gold icon5010v1.47.2
Exalted WarriorPlay 5 exalted weapons at the same time with Kodosh's Armor. 75 Gold icon5010v1.50...
Explosive FinaleDeal 50 or more damage with a single spell. 75 Gold icon5010v1.50...
Heavy ArtilleryDeal 100,000 damage. 100 Gold icon50
Mass DestructionDeal 1,000,000 damage. 2,500 Gold icon100
Executed ◊Kill an opponent with The Last Word’s Ultimate. 50 Gold icon20
Expand Your MindDraw 100 extra cards. 50 Gold icon50
ExpendableSacrifice 5 units in a single turn. 50 Gold icon20
ExplorerReach level 10 in all five factions. 500 Gold icon100v1.24
Fire! ◊Kill 5 or more units in a single turn with Marshal Ironthorn. 75 Gold icon50
Flight of the Dragons ◊Play 40 Dragons from Calderan Cradle. 50 Gold icon50v1.22
Found It!Play 50 Treasure Troves.[Note 1] 75 Gold icon5010v1.42
Friend of a FriendAlly 100 times. 75 Gold icon50v1.27
Going BigAmplify 100 times. 75 Gold icon5010v1.42
Going OffUse 100 Ultimate abilities. 75 Gold icon50
Grand DesignHave a Kira that is 10/10 or larger with 5 or more battle skills. 75 Gold icon5010v1.46
Grave DangerIncrease the enemy player's health with Vicious Rejuvenation, then win the game. 75 Gold icon50v1.47.2
Great LeaderInspire 50 units. 75 Gold icon50v1.36
Greatest Fear ◊Play 25/25 or larger Fear's Sum. 75 Gold icon50v1.36
HexmasterHave curses on six different enemies. 75 Gold icon50v1.47.2
He's Back ◊Activate Inquisitor Makto's Revenge 5 times in a single game. 100 Gold icon100v1.22
He is Released ◊Play the Tormentor. 75 Gold icon50
Heal UpGain 100 health. 50 Gold icon20
Stay HealthyGain 1,000 health. 100 Gold icon50
OverhealGain 10,000 health. 2,500 Gold icon100
Hey Good Lookin' ◊Play 3 units from a single Mating Call. 75 Gold icon50v1.22
Hooru LearningTeach 100 Students. 75 Gold icon50v1.22
How Fickle ◊Play a 10/10 or larger Weary Spiteling.[Note 1] 75 Gold icon5010v1.42
HushSilence 50 units. 75 Gold icon50
I VolunteerActivated Tribute 100 times. 75 Gold icon50v1.36
InfluentialEnd a game with more than 30 total Influence. 75 Gold icon5010v1.50...
It's One LouderAmplify Diogo up to x11. 75 Gold icon5010v1.45
Join TogetherWin a game with a 5-faction deck. 50 Gold icon20
Just as PlannedComplete 20 Site Agendas. 75 Gold icon5010v1.42
Just RewardsDraw Razca from your void 5 times in a single game. 75 Gold icon5010v1.51...
LitActivate Spark 100 times. 75 Gold icon50v1.22
Lost and Found ◊Play a Dragon's Eye. 75 Gold icon50v1.27
Luck of the Roll ◊Play Knucklebones with no cards left in your hand. 75 Gold icon50v1.22
Making ScrapSacrifice 100 Grenadin. 75 Gold icon50v1.27
Master of the DarkDraw 500 cards from Nightfall. 75 Gold icon100v1.27
Minor CasualtiesKill 100 units. 50 Gold icon20
Killing SpreeKill 1,000 units. 100 Gold icon50
OverkillKill 10,000 units. 2,500 Gold icon200
Most Dangerous GameKill an enemy unit that has 7 or more strength with a Killer attack. 75 Gold icon5010v1.46...
Miss Me?Play 100 units from Revenge. 75 Gold icon50v1.22
My Turn ◊Take an additional turn. 50 Gold icon50v1.27
Nightmare CommanderActivate 50 Corrupted Shade abilities. 75 Gold icon5010v1.50...
NopeNegate 50 spells. 75 Gold icon50
Still NoNegate 500 spells. 100 Gold icon200
Not Done With You ◊Play 30 units from the void with Ayan, the Abductor. 75 Gold icon50v1.22
Nowhere to HideKill a Shifted enemy unit. 75 Gold icon5010v1.46
Out of NowherePlay 100 units from Warp. 75 Gold icon50v1.22
OverachieverActivate 50 Mastery abilities. 75 Gold icon5010v1.47.2
Pardon the InterruptionAmbush a relic weapon with a Stormtamer's Mount. 75 Gold icon5010v1.49...
Perfectly EvenDraw 20 cards with Evenhanded Golem. 75 Gold icon5010v1.46
Perpetual MotionPlay 50 power cards from your void.75 Gold icon50v1.36
Play a Scion †Play 1 of the 5 Scions in a game.
Play With FriendsWin a friend challenge. 20 Gold icon20
Playing With ToysPlay 300 Grenadin. 50 Gold icon50
Pledge AllegiancePledge 30 times. 75 Gold icon5010v1.42
Pop 'emBreak Aegis 50 times. 50 Gold icon20v1.22
PowerfulPlay 10 power in a single turn. 50 Gold icon20
Press ShiftPlay 100 units Shifted. 75 Gold icon5010v1.46
Price of FameActivate Renown 100 times. 75 Gold icon5010v1.42
Puppet Show ◊Have three Marionettes at the same time. 75 Gold icon50v1.36
RageMake 100 Berserk attacks. 75 Gold icon50v1.36
Rap BattlePlay 20 fast curses. 75 Gold icon5010v1.49...
RecycleDraw 100 cards from the void. 75 Gold icon100
RelentlessActivate Onslaught 100 times. 75 Gold icon5010v1.46
RibbitTransform 100 units into Frogs. 75 Gold icon50
Ritual of BloodSacrifice 20 Cultists. 75 Gold icon5010v1.47.2
ROARPlay 50 Dinosaurs. 75 Gold icon50v1.27
Run 'em OutKill a Versus opponent by running their deck out of cards. 75 Gold icon5010v1.50...
SaboteurSteal at least 7 power with Unseen Longbow. 75 Gold icon5010v1.50...
Seize PowerPlay Korovyat Palace while you have Yushkov in play. 75 Gold icon5010v1.51...
ShowdownPlay 100 Gunslingers. 75 Gold icon50v1.27
Skill UpPlay a unit that has 10 or more Battle Skills. 50 Gold icon50
SmashKill 50 enemy attachments. 50 Gold icon20
Smashing SpreeKill 500 enemy attachments. 75 Gold icon100
Snake? Snake? SNAAAAKE!Play 5 Flamefangs in the same turn. 75 Gold icon5010v1.49...
Snowball FightDeal 100 damage with Snowballs. 20 Gold icon50
So Shiny ◊Play a game with 5 or more Shimmerpacks in play at the same time. 75 Gold icon100
Sodi's OffensiveDraw 10 cards from Sodi Wingbreaker's ability. 75 Gold icon5010v1.46...
Spring has SprungDestroy an Eye of Winter while you have Guardian of Spring in play. 75 Gold icon5010v1.51...
Spy GamesInfiltrate 100 times. 100 Gold icon50
Stand GuardPlay 50 Sentinels. 75 Gold icon50
Stand Strong ◊Kill an enemy player with the Gilded Hammer equipped. 50 Gold icon50v1.27
Stranger ThingsPlay 100 Strangers. 50 Gold icon50
Strangest ThingsHave 12 differently named Strangers in play at once. 75 Gold icon5010v1.50...
Stroke of Midnight ◊Win a game with all four Pale Riders in play. 75 Gold icon20
Stormhalt DefiancePlay a free Stormhalt Knife in ranked. 75 Gold icon5010v1.45
Such Discipline ◊Increase the cost of 20 enemy cards with Disciplinary Weights. 75 Gold icon50v1.36
Sundered VeilShift nine units from the void with Uldra. 75 Gold icon5010v1.46...
Temporal DominationTake three turns in a row. 75 Gold icon50v1.47.2
That's MineSteal 100 cards. 75 Gold icon50
That's Nasty ◊Sacrifice Obrak, the Feaster to himself. 50 Gold icon20v1.22
The Big Gun ◊Play a +5/+5 or larger gun from Jekk, Hunted Fugitive. 75 Gold icon50v1.27
The Parliament has Spoken ◊Play 3 Flying Owls from The Great Parliament in a single turn. 50 Gold icon50
The Price Must be PaidKill the enemy player with Nahid's ability. 75 Gold icon50v1.47.2
The Xenan LifeActivate Lifeforce 100 times. 75 Gold icon50v1.22
They're Free!Earn all 4 copies of a single promo card. 75 Gold icon20
They're So CuteTransform 50 units into Pigs. 100 Gold icon100
To the SkiesPlay 100 Valkyrie. 75 Gold icon50
To the Top ◊Play Azurite Prixis from the bottom of your deck. 50 Gold icon20v1.27
Too FastPlay 500 fast spells during your opponent's turn. 100 Gold icon200
Trading EmpireDraw 100 cards from the Market 1000 Gold icon50v1.36
True CraftsmanshipActivated Spellcraft 100 times. 75 Gold icon50v1.36
Twisted FrontierTwist three different units in a turn. 75 Gold icon5010v1.46...
Unspeakable ◊Sacrifice Unspeakable Torment for 25 or more damage. 75 Gold icon5010v1.46
Unsustainable PracticesDecimate your power 50 times. 75 Gold icon5010v1.47.2
Walk with RhythmPlay 20 Sand Wurms. 75 Gold icon50v1.36
Warped ◊Play 8 Warp units from your deck in the same turn. 100 Gold icon100v1.22
Was Alive As He Could Be ◊Play a 10/10 or greater Snowman. 75 Gold icon50v1.27
Weapon RackPlay 100 weapons. 50 Gold icon50
Well ProtectedGain 100 Armor. 75 Gold icon5010v1.50...
Which Do You Want First? ◊Kill an opponent with a Bad News attack. 75 Gold icon50v1.22
Who's There?Play 100 Unseen. 75 Gold icon50v1.27
You're Gonna Need a Bigger Tote...Make a 10 or more strength [[|Totemite]] with Solwatcher Tota. 75 Gold icon5010v1.49...

Footnotes Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 These are listed on the platform achievement pages with incorrect titles, likely due to changes made before the cards' release after achievement submissions to the platforms.
    • "Treasure Trove" is listed as "Treasure Find".
    • "Quinn, Lone Wanderer" is listed as "Quinn, Wandering Hero".
    • "Weary Spiteling" is listed as "Thriving Spiteling".


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