Aegis: Protected from one enemy spell or effect.


Aegis appears as a blue aura around a unit or player. After the first spell or effect targeting the unit/player, the aura will be removed ("popped"), and the keyword will become grayed out. If a unit or weapon with the Aegis keyword leaves play to the void, deck, or hand, and is later returned, the Aegis will be restored for an additional use.

If a spell has two simultaneous effects on the target, Aegis will block both of them. For example, Treachery would pop the Aegis and the player would not take damage or discard a card.

Aegis will not protect your units from your own spells or effects. It will also not protect against neutral effects such as the damage from Night.

Aegis will only protect a unit when it is on the battlefield; it will not protect units in your Void, deck or hand.

Aegis will not protect a unit from the effect of Deadly, or from attacks with Killer.

Aegis will protect attachments on units or players(e.g. trying to use the Ruin spell to destroy an attachment will only pop Aegis if the unit or player has it).

Aegis does not stop and is not broken by "static" effects such as Sandstorm Titan's ability or Groundbreaker's "Enemy player can't gain health" ability.

The "nothing can have an Aegis" effect of Vara, Vengeance-Seeker will remove all Aegis when she comes into play, and Aegis will not be restored if she leaves play or is silenced.

Face Aegis Edit

In addition to Aegis on units, Aegis can also be given to a player through cards such as Eilyn's Favor. Aegis on a player is commonly referred to as "Face Aegis".

In addition to protecting from damage spells cast on the player, this will also protect any relic or relic weapons the player has, and any effects on the player's hand, deck, or void. This can lead to some surprising results for people not familiar with these interactions. For example:

  • If you gain a face Aegis after having Azindel's Gift played on you, the Aegis will be popped the next time you would be forced to discard.

Face Aegis will not protect you from the Bombs generated by Light the Fuse since they come from your deck, with Destiny, you play them, so they are not an enemy effect.


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Cards with AegisEdit

Aerial Ace
Borderlands Waykeeper
Champion of Cunning
Copperhall Elite
Crownwatch Paladin
Eilyn's Favor
Icaria, the Liberator
Mistveil Drake
Rilgon, Hooru Operative
Silverwing Familiar
Stand Together
Steadfast Deputy
Throne Warden
Valkyrie Wings
West-Wind Herald

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