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Ally: Ally abilities happen as soon as you have a unit of the named type. This can be when you play the unit, or when you later play a unit with the required type.

Ally is a trigger keyword introduced in The Dusk Road.

Ally was first revealed and explained in a mechanic reveal announcement by LSV:[1]

  • Each Ally ability has a type, which is frequently (but not always) of the same type as the unit itself.
  • When you have another unit of the type that Ally calls out, the Ally bonus goes off. It doesn’t matter which order the units come out, or if the Ally dies – as long as the unit with Ally saw another unit for even a split second, they get their Ally bonus. In the case of Milos, he gains Double Damage if you have another Gunslinger, and from then on gets to keep it.
  • The Ally bonus doesn’t go away, even if both partners die or are otherwise removed from play.
  • If the unit with Ally leaves play, then returns (comes back from the Void, or gets bounced, etc), it can get the Ally bonus again. For something like “Ally: +2/+2”, that stacks quite nicely.


The mechanic was first introduced as a tribal mechanic in The Dusk Road alongside Bond. It appeared for the following unit types: Sentinels, Gunslingers, Dinosaurs, Valkyrie, Explorers, Yeti, and Unseen.

Cards with Ally[]

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Emerald Spear.png
Milos Izalio, Heir to Rebellion.png
Crownwatch Quartermaster.png
Timeworn Sentinel.png
Lida, Most Skilled.png


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