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When you play this, you may pay the Amplify cost any number of times to gain the effect.

Amplify is a keyword. It was first introduced in Defiance, where it's the defining mechanic of the Jennev (Fire iconTime iconPrimal icon) 3-faction alliance.

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A card with Amplify being played.

You may choose to Amplify one or more times, if there is unspent power to do so.

Playing a card with Amplify lets its player spend additional power to get more or larger effects. When played, it prompts a selection to Amplify one or more times. Some cards are Amplified by selecting one or more targets. Effects without targets are Amplified by selecting the card itself, the player's avatar (where a count of the effects is tracked), or a play zone, depending on the effect.

Cards may be Amplified as much as the player wants, as long as there is excess power (and enough legal targets, if applicable) to do so. Remaining power is updated with each Amplify selection. The card's effects are processed once the player confirms the choice, but may be reset any time before confirmation.


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You can Amplify even if the card wasn't played normally from your hand. Cards played from the void or deck, or units created by copy effects, still have the Amplify effect prompt.

The Amplify keyword was first revealed in Dire Wolf Digital's mechanic reveal announcement for Defiance.[1]


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