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Argenport is the capital city of Myria, where Crownwatch forces and the shadowy Cabal struggle for control.

"We all serve Argenport."

Argenport is the combination of the Justice icon Justice and Shadow icon Shadow factions.



Revenge is a battle skill that was originally unique to the Argenport factions, although it expanded into Time icon TIme and Primal icon Primal with the release of Argent Depths, and eventually into Fire icon Fire with Cold Hunt. Units with Revenge can come back once after dying (or unlimited times, in the case of the iconic Inquisitor Makto). It also appears on spells including Sleepless Night and Victor's Cry.


Another battle skill found only on cards with Justice or Shadow, Lifesteal provides Health icon health gain when damage is dealt, which can help buy some time against aggro decks. Oathbreaker combines well with these units, increasing their stats when she attacks.

Killing Units[]

Justice and Shadow are the only factions with abilities that kill units directly (as opposed to through dealing damage or other effects). This makes it very powerful in terms of direct removal.


Although the Decimate keyword is found in all factions, only Justice icon Justice and Shadow icon Shadow have Decimate Matters cards that give positive effects when you decimate, such as Nivia, Most Devoted, as well as Eloz's Elite which allows you to decimate without losing power.

Unit Types[]


Prior to the release of Bastion Rising, which included the first mono-Fire Valkyrie, Erica, Inferno Wing, all Valkyrie included some Justice or Shadow. These are a powerful tribe with many flying units. Cards like Icaria, Valkyrie Captain and Valkyrie Spireguard provide synergies among these units.


Paladins appear mostly in Justice. Anointer of the Faithful introduced the first tribal effect within this unit type.


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As the capital of Myria, Argenport is the focus of a lot of action, in particular the struggles for control of the throne.