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Argent Depths is the ninth pack-based expansion set for Eternal Card Game. A subset of its cards were released early in a special Draft Preview, and it was fully released June 24, 2020 with 200+ new cards.

After centuries of silence, the Eternal Throne stirs to life once more. First in Xulta, and now much closer to home…

How to Get[]

Packs of Argent Depths are available for purchase from the in-game store, and individual cards may be crafted with Shiftstone.

Argent Depths packs are also used in Draft and Leagues, and Argent Depths cards have been incorporated into the Forge mode.

New Theme Decks[]

On Argent Depths's release, new theme decks became available to purchase in the store for Gold icon3,000 gold or Gems icon250 gems each:

  • Diana’s Faithful (Time iconJustice icon)
  • Roshi's Confounders (Justice iconPrimal icon)
  • Buhton's Grasp (Fire iconShadow icon)
  • Bonebreaker's Revenge (Primal iconShadow icon)
  • Touvon's Behemoths (Fire iconTime icon)

The theme decks are also available in a bundle for 1,100 gems. In addition to the five decks, the bundle also includes 4 regular and 4 premium copies of the alternate-art Ice Bolt.[2]

Mechanics & Themes[]

Argent Depths is a set based on influence. Cards whose influence requirements exceed their cost in power, once a rare oddity, are now something more common. A lot of non-power cards make players gain influence, rewards them for doing so, or both.

New Mechanics[]


Returning Mechanics[]


While primarly a unit's skill in Omens of the Past, Revenge is now primarly a spell mechanic and is found mostly in Primal iconShadow icon factions with a little splash in Time icon.


Spoiler Season[]

Argent Depths was first revealed on June 9, 2020 in DWD's announcement article for the set,[1] showing the alternate-art version of Rolant, Iron Tyrant. The art for Rolant's regular version had been teased by Scarlatch in Eternal's Discord a couple days before the announcement, though there hadn't been indication the card would be from a new set.[3]

Community Spoilers[]

Beginning June 12, 2020, DWD sold community spoilers in the community store for Influence icon35,000 influence each.[1] Spoilers were available in limited batches, with 2 additional batches released in the following week, and sold first come, first served.

DWD would email the spoilers to their purchasers, which could then be shared with the game's community in any reasonable manner.

Pre-order Bundles[]

Argent Depths Pre-Order Bundle[]

The Argent Depths pre-order bundle featured a box of packs, new cosmetics, and more.

A $49.99 Argent Depths pre-order bundle was available from June 17, 2020 until the set's full release.[1] It included:

Rolant was immediately allowed in the Throne and Expedition constructed formats, and its regular version was unlocked for crafting.

Draft Preview[]

On June 17, prior to Argent Depths's full release, 63 commons and uncommons from the set were incorporated into Draft Packs in a special Draft Preview.[1] These cards were immediately playable in constructed formats, though the cards could only obtained through draft during the preview.

Preview Event[]

The Heroes from the Depths preview event ran from June 19–23, featuring 10 2-faction Heroes from the new set.[4] Players would enter with a 2-faction deck, and four copies of the matching Hero were added to the top half of their deck in each game.

The event could be entered any number of times, with each run costing 4,000 gold or 300 gems. Runs would last until a player had either 10 wins or 3 losses, and rewarded packs of Argent Depths based on win record.

This event also introduced an experimental new take on Leaderboard rewards. Separate leaderboards for each 2-faction pair tracked each player's best run in that faction, and each gave additional rewards to the top-ranked players which included a copy of that faction's legendary Hero card.


Six in-game and platform achievements were added with Argent Depths.

Name Description Reward Points Xbox Steam
All Aboard! Trigger Siege Train's Entomb for 5 or more copies of a single card. 75 Gold icon 50 10
Borrow Courage Imbue a unit with at least 10 Health 75 Gold icon 50 10
Do it Twice Play 50 spells from Revenge. 75 Gold icon 50 10
Left in Shambles Decay 20 enemy units down to 0 Strength 75 Gold icon 50 10
Secret Stash Plunder 50 Power 75 Gold icon 50 10
Surge of Power Trigger 100 Surge abilities 75 Gold icon 50 10


With Argent Depths' release, the original Scions were replaced with the cycle from the new set in Eternal's onboarding tutorial campaign and its completion rewards.[5] This update removed the crafting restriction on the old reward Scions (and didn't implement them on the new ones), making these tutorial rewards no longer indestructible.


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