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Asri Patrol is a unit card.

How to Get[]

Purchasing the Bastion Rising Bundle, Premium Bundle, or Legendary Bundle from the in-game store unlocks a playset of Asri Patrol.

Premium versions of Asri Patrol also unlock if the premium bundles are purchased. Without it, the premium cards can be crafted for Shiftstone icon1600 Shiftstone each after the regular bundle is purchased.


On Play: "I'll scout the glens!"


Nothing here yet!


The wording is confusing, but the stat increase is equal to your current power minus the total number of power cards you've played. Your maximum power does not factor into this equation.

With nothing else but an Asri Patrol played the previous turn.

Permanent Boost: You play Ixtol's Pendant, Asri Patrol will be a 5/5.

Temporary Boost: You play Kindle without Spark, Asri Patrol will be a 3/3 until end of turn or when the power is spent.

Playing cards: You play another Asri Patrol. Asri Patrol is still a 2/2.

Playing a Power: Your maximum power increases. Asri Patrol is still a 2/2. If depleted it will decrease any boost from temporary power.


1.51.5... Released in Bastion Rising.