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Perhaps Auralia is not lost as much as it is hard to find. The desert winds can hide many treasures.

"Trust in the shadow!"

Auralian is the 3-faction combination of Time icon Time, Primal icon Primal, and Shadow icon Shadow.

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The Auralian faction alliance was designed to have a relic theme.[1] This includes cards with "Relics matter" effects such as Severin, the Mad Mage and Tumbling Sloth.


The Nightfall mechanic was introduced in The Dusk Road. Cards that cause Nightfall or benefit from Night are only found in the Auralian Factions. Examples include Duskwalker and Rindra, the Duskblade.

Unit Types[]


Most Elves, and all "Elves matter" cards, fall within the Auralian factions. Examples include Sunset Stone and Zende, the Heart-Binder.


Dinosaurs are only found in cards that include the Auralian factions. There are also a number of "Dinosaurs matter" cards in these factions, such as Evelina, Valley Searcher, Clutchmate, and Darkclaw Ravager.


Empire of Glass introduced many new Mandrakes in the Auralian factions, as well as synergies with cards like Matriarch Zende and Venomous Nightshade.


Auralia is mentioned in the Chapter 20: Spoils of War lore article.[2]:

She leaned towards the boy, half-whispering through her headscarf, “Perhaps Auralia is not lost as much as it is hard to find. The desert winds can hide many treasures.”

The boy nodded, still gnawing on fruit. “That sounds nice. Can I come?”

Looking him in the eyes, the merchant said, “Only the bravest adventurers find the lost city. So I have no doubt we will meet again there one day.”


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