Awakening is a card set and single-player campaign, released September 1, 2020.[1] It's the 7th campaign-based set for Eternal Card Game, and the 19th set overall.

Awakening rewards playsets of 21 unique cards for normal play throughout story-based missions, continuing Vara's journey into a nightmare Argenport which first began in Shadow of the Spire.

The nightmare’s voice fills me as I fall into shadow. Grey shapes slip past my eyes, a lifetime of broken promises ringing in my ears. I knew – I always knew – that this city is not mine. These people are not mine. And I will never be theirs.
At the center of it: the Throne sits silent, ancient. Waiting for me to awaken. To see the world as it is.
I awaken to the sound of my mother, shouting my name.

How to Get Edit

Regular Awakening cards cannot be crafted. They are only available after purchasing the campaign, and unlocked by completing its missions.

Premium versions on each card may be crafted once unlocked, at the usual cost for its rarity, or purchased in the premium campaign.

Find Awakening's cards in its category page.

Price Edit

Avatar - Acantha Ascending

Acantha premium avatar

Awakening costs Gold icon25,000 gold or Gems icon1,000 gems (Gems icon1,100 costs US$9.99 through the in-game store).

The premium version of Awakening includes the premium playsets of its cards, and a unique Acantha premium avatar. It can be purchased together with the regular version for Gems icon2000, or upgraded separately for Gems icon1000.

Cardback - Set Bundle - Awakening

Awakening cardback, from the Legendary Bundle

A Legendary Bundle is also available. For $39.99, it includes:

Purchasing the Legendary Bundle from the DWD Store gives an additional Draft Ticket and Gems icon500.

Campaign Edit

Awakening has 17 playable single-player missions versus AI opponents, divided into several chapters.

Main article: Awakening/Missions

Spoiler Season Edit

Awakening was first revealed on August 18, 2020 in DWD's announcement article for the set.[1]

Pre-order Bundle Edit

The Legendary Bundle was available for pre-order one week before the set's release. Pre-ordering unlocked everything except the story campaign and cards when purchased, and came with an additional Draft Ticket.

Draft Preview Edit

From August 28–September 1, the new set was showcased in a special Draft where all of Awakening's cards were added to Draft Packs. This was an updated version of the Scion Draft event, a phantom format (unlike normal Draft, drafted cards are not kept) featuring Eternal's most powerful cards.[2]

Runs cost Gems icon250 or Gold icon3,000 each. Chests and packs of Argent Depths were rewarded based on run wins and also for placement in a leaderboard.


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