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Chapter is a term used classify and talk about Eternal's month-to-month Leaderboards, Events, and Leagues. Each Chapter focuses on a theme to explore the game's overall story and to tie together its sets, campaigns, and monthly activities. Starting in March of 2022, this included the Chapter Missions, four AI battles within each monthly Chapter with special rules, with a promo or alt art reward.[1]

Chapters were originally called Seasons. They were renamed starting with Chapter 17: Enemies at the Gates (April 2018), when Eternal became more focused on telling a cohesive story.[2]

Each chapter also includes a lore article released at the start of the month. These can be found on the Eternal Lore page on the Dire Wolf Digital website.

At the end of the chapter, leaderboard prizes are rewarded Throne, Expedition, Draft, and League. The next month's starting rank in Throne, Expedition, and Draft are then set based on the finishing rank of the previous month.

With the announcement of Chapter 47: Rise Up, it was also announced that lore articles would be going on hiatus.[3] During the hiatus, lore articles appeared in promo announcements and around releases. The chapter articles returned, combined with league announcements, starting with the Cold Hunt chapter.[4]

Chapter Missions[]

Chapter Missions were introduced in March of 2022. Starting that month, each monthly chapter included weekly story-focused missions in the form of AI battles each with a special rule. Winning the battle earns the player four copies of the week's promo card.

Each Chapter also has Heroic Upgrade that can be purchased for 1000 Gems and includes:

  • The Chapter’s unique theme deck
  • 4x premium copies of each of the Chapter’s promo cards (16 total premium cards)
  • The Chapter’s unique premium avatar

There are also Catch-Up Bundles available for people to purchase the promo cards after the month is over. These cost 2500 Gold or 250 Gems for each month's cards.


Prior to the advent of Chapter Missions, most chapters also includes the release of a promotional card, typically a new Hero unit. In the week after they were released, up to one copy could be earned per day by winning a PvP match. Up to four could be earned in this way over a one-week period, after which they can be crafted.

Every promo was accompanied by a matching avatar. These avatars are released at the same time as the promo card and have thus far never been permanently removed from the store. However, the Milos promo card was temporarily removed due to an unknown bug.[5]

List of Chapters[]

Chapter Title Month Promo Card(s)
Chapter 17 Enemies at the Gates April 2018 Brenn, Chronicler of Ages
Chapter 18 A Search for Answers May 2018 Svetya, Orene of Kosul
Chapter 19 The Fall of Argenport June 2018 Lieutenant Relia
Chapter 20 Spoils of War July 2018 Wyatt, Junk Collector
Chapter 21 Blood and Birthright August 2018 Genetrix Irel IV
Chapter 22 Distant Visions September 2018 Tamarys, the Geomancer
Chapter 23 Reunion October 2018 Caiphus, Wandering King
Chapter 24 Petitions November 2018 Yushkov, the Usurper
Chapter 25 Defiance December 2018 Justa, Regglar Jotun
Chapter 26 Burning Hope January 2019 Star-Reader Severin
Chapter 27 Price of Freedom February 2019 Milos, Unwavering Idealist
Chapter 28 Homecoming March 2019 Cursed Prophet Deleph
Chapter 29 The Winter Crown April 2019 Mokhnati, Restored
Chapter 30 Dark Frontier May 2019 Jishu, the Burning Brush
Chapter 31 A Light in the Darkness June 2019 Albon Roa, of the Order
Chapter 32 Far Horizons July 2019 Oizio, Adaptive Spy
Chapter 33 Shadow of the Throne August 2019 Garden of Omens
Chapter 34 Dawn's Country September 2019 Verro, Banished Inquisitor
Chapter 35 Dusk of Dragons October 2019 Dracowitch Razca
Chapter 36 The Time of Ancestors November 2019 Yorja, The Tale Keeper
Chapter 37 Promises by Firelight December 2019 The Merriest Mandrake
Chapter 38 Strange Lands January 2020 Traver's Farm
Chapter 39 Echoes of Eternity February 2020 Lastlight Judgement
Chapter 40 Aftershock March 2020 Gerrit, Throne Guardian
Chapter 41 Whispers of the Throne April 2020 Eremot, Mindsplinter
Chapter 42 Shadow of the Spire May 2020 Daraka, Loyal Guardian
Chapter 43 Argent Depths June 2020 None
Chapter 44 Dead or Alive July 2020 Coslo, Friendly Scavenger

Friends in Low Places
Know When to Hold 'em
Just Desserts
Wyatt's Junkyard

Chapter 45 The Festival of Inspiration August 2020 Kaleb, Executioner
Chapter 46 Awakening September 2020 Deleph's Awakening
Chapter 47 Rise Up October 2020 Celebration
Chapter 48 Bastion Rising November 2020 Tayana, the Mender
Chapter 49 Empire of Glass December 2020 Dichro's Ruin

Scrapfind Skimmer
Talir, Timejumper
Jolu, the Gift-Giver

Chapter 50 Rulers of the Reach January 2021 Genetor Dovid I
Chapter 51 Buried Memories February 2021 Inoa, Elevator Overseer
Chapter 52 Stormbreak March 2021 Lord Balancer Steyer
Chapter 53 Aftermath April 2021 Belax, the Ravenous
Chapter 54 Awakened Forces May 2021 Javan, the Steel Crest
Chapter 55 Revelations June 2021 Gemblazer Cannon
Chapter 56 Hour of Glass July 2021 A New Beginning
Chapter 57 Sovereignty August 2021 Vara's Authority
Chapter 58 Pursuit September 2021 Quinn, Master Tracker
Chapter 59 Land's Edge October 2021 Raniya, Never Caught
Chapter 60 Cold Hunt November 2021 Plunk Wumpkin
Chapter 61 Final Preparations December 2021 Quicksilver Gateway
Chapter 62 The Great Valley January 2022 Slumbering Range
Chapter 63 Saddle Up February 2022 Olyn of Urmstead
Chapter 64 Valley Disturbed March 2022 Cora, Thundering Steps

Vikrum's Bomb
Subversion of Nature
Urmstead's Lasso

Chapter 65 Syl's Ambition April 2022 Passionate Artisan

Biding Time
Syl's Stronghold
Zytrom, Twisted Mind

Chapter 66 Shavka Reborn May 2022 Sign of the Reborn, Shavkan, Flame Reborn

Shavkan Dogma
Martial Law


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