Chests are rewards given for wins across various gameplay modes, and upon the completion of quests. They appear in five tiers: wood, bronze, silver, gold, and diamond, with an extra type reserved as a reward for ranking up in a given game mode.

Each chest has a chance to become a chest from the tier above it upon opening, save for wood. Wood also serves as the "default" chest, in which they hold the base rewards of a given game mode, rather than the standard gold. Each tier provides greater rewards than the last.

Chest Contents Edit

Tier Source Rewards
Rank Up Gauntlet
250 Gold, 1 pack of latest expansion
1000 gold, 2 packs of latest expansion
Wood Gauntlet 20-30 Gold [1]
  • 20 ~47%
  • 25 ~33%
  • 30 ~20%
Bronze Gauntlet
~40 Gold
1 Common card [verification needed]
Silver Gauntlet


200-250 Gold [2]

1 Uncommon Card

Gold Gauntlet


470-520 Gold

1 Pack from a set other than the most recent

Diamond Gauntlet


1,800-1900 Gold

1 Pack from a set other than the most recent

1 Premium Card

Gold rewards from chests were nerfed by about 10% on November 12, 2018[3].


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