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Combrei is a center of study, where mystics and artificers all seek perfection in their own ways.
Champion of Progress

"The Combrei alliance is unbreakable."

Combrei is the name for the combination of the Time icon Time and Justice icon Justice factions.

Mechanics Edit

Empower Edit

Empower was initially limited to Combrei, although with the release of Defiance it has become a mechanic of the Time iconJustice iconShadow icon Kerendon 3-faction alliance. This keyword combines well with the various power-drawing abilities found in Time and Justice.

Endurance Edit

The Endurance battle skill is only found in Time icon Time and Justice icon Justice units. Cards like Longhorn Treasurer and Reality Shift can take advantage of your units with Endurance.

Silence Edit

Silence is another keyword which is mostly exclusive to Combrei.

Invulnerable to Damage Edit

Units that are invulnerable to damage, and spells that give this effect, are only found in cards that include Time icon Time or Justice icon Justice. Examples include Rolant, the Iron Fist, Cykalis, the Burning Sand, and Copperhall Blessing.

Increasing Strength/Health of Units Edit

Combrei has a number of abilities to increase the Strength icon/Health icon of units, such as Alessi, Combrei Archmage and Awakened Student.

Lore Edit

Main article: Lore:Combrei

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