Design a Card is a collaboration opportunity program, where players can work with Dire Wolf Digital to create a card for Eternal. To design a card, the Design a Card item must be purchased in Eternal's community store for Influence icon1,750,000 influence.

Because of its high cost, Design a Card (and Design a Card Back) are aimed more at Eternal streamers, who would make more influence than stream viewers though Twitch drops.

The Design a Card program launched in February 2019, with the opening of the community store.[1] It was first purchased by y0ttabyte only a couple months later.[2]

Design a Card Process Edit

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List of Design a Card Cards Edit

So far, only a handful of known community-designed cards have been created through the Design a Card program.

Creator Card Released
y0ttabyteKira, the ProdigyDark Frontier
BeriWasteland BrokerArgent Depths
gibbonplusplusSiege TrainArgent Depths
KasendrithMuldermuck, 3PSS 4/4 with DecayUpcoming
Calebovitsch"The Doc"Upcoming

Related Achievements Edit

Some of the community-designed cards have a related achievement:

Grand Designs
This Kira, the Prodigy achievement requires "Having a Kira that is 10/10 or larger with 5 or more battle skills."
All Aboard
This Siege Train achievement requires "Triggering Siege Train's Entomb for 5 or more copies of a single card."


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