Card Back - April

Cardback reward for participation in the Chapter 17: Enemies at the Gates League

Cosmetic items allow players to alter their Eternal experience without affecting gameplay. Items like Totems, Cardbacks, and Avatars may be customized. Cosmetic items may be purchased in the in-game Store, unlocked through player progression in Faction Progress, or rewarded for participation in Events. Some cosmetic items are not obtainable by all players, if they were only available for a limited time in the Store or rewards for past Events. Cosmetic settings are selected on the player Profile screen.

Cosmetic Item Types Edit

Player Avatar Edit

Screenshot - Avatar Selection

The Avatar selection UI.

Pale Rider Avatars

The Pale Rider premium avatars were available for a limited time. They were released in conjunction with the Midnight Ride [1] and Carnival of Madness [2] Events.

Totems Edit

Emotes Edit

Cardbacks Edit

Cardbacks alter the appearance of the player's decks, and the appearance of the cards in their hand when viewed by their opponent.

Cardbacks are rewarded for participation in Leagues. These unique new card backs are themed to the current Chapter.

Cosmetic Settings Edit


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