Cosmetic items allow players to alter their Eternal experience without affecting gameplay. Things like totems, cardbacks, and avatars may be customized. Cosmetic items can be purchased in the Store, unlocked through faction progression rewards, or rewarded for participation in Events.

Some cosmetic items are not obtainable by everyone, for instance if they were available in the Store for only a limited time, or were rewards for past Events.

Cosmetic Item Types Edit

Player Avatars Edit

Pale Rider Avatars

The Pale Rider premium avatars were available for a limited time. They were released in conjunction with the Midnight Ride and Carnival of Madness events.[1][2]

Main article: Player Avatars

Avatars are used to represent each player. Each player can select artwork from various cards to represent themselves. Premium avatars also customize the "playmat" area around the art, and may include custom animations or emotes.

Emotes Edit

Main article: Emotes

Emotes are short text messages that players use to greet, cheer, and taunt their opponents. Emotes are displayed by interacting with the player's avatar.

Cardbacks Edit

Cardback - 2018 April - League

Cardback reward for participation in the Chapter 17: Enemies at the Gates League

Main article: Cardbacks

Cardbacks alter the appearance of the player decks, and the appearance of their cards in hand as viewed by their opponent.

Unique cardbacks are rewarded for participation in Leagues, themed to the current Chapter.

Totems Edit

Main article: Totems

Totems are interactive decorations. Each player has a totem, displayed on either side of the playmat zone. Clicking different parts of a totem activates various animations and sounds.

Playmat Skins Edit

Main article: Playmat Skins

Playmat Skins are decorations to the playmat zone itself.

Deck Art Edit

Main article: Deck Art

Card artwork to represent decks in the Cards and deck selection screens.

Cosmetic Settings Edit

Screenshot - Profile Screen

The player Profile screen.

Default cosmetic items are selected through the player Profile screen's settings. Avatars, emotes, totems, and cardbacks are all chosen in the Personalize sub-screen.

Cosmetics may be further customized for individual decks through the Deck Editor's Deck Customization screen, along with the deck's name and art.

History Edit

Before patch 1.44's update to deck and cosmetics customization, cosmetics were not selected from a unified sub-screen. Most cosmetics had their own individual sub-screens under the Profile, totems were selected in the Deck Selection screen found in many game modes, and only deck art was selected through the Deck Editor (cosmetics could not be customized for individual decks).


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