Eternal's crafting system allows players to add specific cards directly to their collections, which would otherwise be obtained randomly in the packs from expansion sets or from past promos.

The Shiftstone icon Shiftstone game currency is used for the crafting system. New cards may be created by spending Shiftstone. Most cards may be destroyed to gain Shiftstone, permanently removing that copy from the player's collection. Shiftstone is also gained by opening packs (each pack gives Shiftstone icon100 in addition to its cards), and as rewards for game achievements.

A card's rarity determines the Shiftstone cost of creating it and the Shiftstone gained by destroying it. Premium copies of cards both cost and give much more Shiftstone than their regular counterparts.

Creating and Destroying Cards Edit

New cards may be created and destroyed in the Deck Editor and Collection screens. Unowned cards may not be visible until the "Crafting" toggle or the "Unowned" advanced filter is active.

An individual card may be crafted though its advanced info screen, a modal interface which appears when selecting a card with the primary input (ex. left-clicking it on PC, tapping it on mobile) in the Collection screen, or with the secondary input (ex. right-clicking it on PC, long-pressing it on mobile) in the Collection and Deck Editor screens. This screen displays a larger image of the card, the number of owned copies, where it can be obtained normally (its set, in Draft Packs, etc), and buttons to create and destroy copies of the card.

In the Deck Editor screen, unowned copies of cards in the deck may be created in bulk. The "Create unowned cards" button displays a list of the missing cards required to use the deck and a "Create" button their total Shiftstone cost.

Extra cards (i.e. excess beyond the fourth copy of any regular or premium card) may be destroyed in bulk, through the "Destroy Extras" interface which appears by activating the Shiftstone button (with the player's owned Shiftstone count) at the top of most screens.

Cost Edit

Each card has a fixed crafting cost and destruction value, based on its rarity and regular/premium variation. Other factors, such as its card set, do not affect a card's cost.

Rarity Regular version Premium version
Create cost Destroy reward Create cost Destroy reward
Common icon Common 50 1 800 25
Shadow icon Uncommon 100 10 1600 50
Shadow icon Promo 600 100 2400 400
Shadow icon Rare 800 200 3200 800
Shadow icon Legendary 3200 800 9600 3200

Indestructible and Uncraftable Cards Edit

Indestructible Cards

Indestructible cards are marked by a bronze-bordered diamond.

Many cards in the game can be created and destroyed, but there are some exceptions. "Indestructible" cards which cannot be destroyed are marked by a bronze bordered diamond in the collection screen's quantity tracker.

The first copy of select legendary cards that come included with all new accounts may not be destroyed:

Rolant, the Iron Fist, Kaleb, Uncrowned Prince, Eilyn, Queen of the Wilds, Vara, Fate-Touched, Talir, Who Sees Beyond.

Cards obtained by purchasing Eternal's campaigns and bundle sets are also indestructible. The regular versions of these cards cannot be created with Shiftstone, they may only be obtained by buying the set. Since Whispers of the Throne, premium copies are also only available by purchasing their set's higher-tier bundles. For older campaigns and bundle sets, premium versions may be created (at the normal cost for their rarities) once the the base tier is purchased and regular versions unlocked, and created (not purchased) premiums may be destroyed.

Post-Update Redemption Policy Edit

For one week after any card is nerfed in a game balance update, any copies of that card which a player had previously crafted may be destroyed for the full crafting cost value. After that week their destruction value returns to normal. This policy does not apply to cards which are buffed in an update.

A notice of the changed cards is displayed to players when they first sign in after an update, showing which cards apply for the policy.

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