The card crafting system in Eternal involves the use of Shiftstone to create brand new cards. Shiftstone is obtained in 100 intervals whenever you open a pack and by destroying unwanted cards for differing amounts of Shiftstone based on card rarity.

Uncraftable and Indestructible Cards

Indestructible Cards

Indestructible cards are marked by a bronze-bordered diamond.

While most cards in the game can be crafted and destroyed there are exceptions, most notably all campaign cards and the first copy of some legendaries that come included with all accounts. Indestructible cards are marked by a bronze bordered diamond in the collection screen's quantity tracker.

Those indestructible first-copy cards are Rolant, the Iron Fist, Kaleb, Uncrowned Prince, Eilyn, Queen of the Wilds, Vara, Fate-Touched, Talir, Who Sees Beyond.


Each card has a fixed crafting and Destruction value, based on rarity and regular/premium versions. Other factors, such as card set, do not affect cost.

Rarity Crafting cost Destruction reward
Regular Premium Regular Premium
Common (Gray) 50 800 1 25
Uncommon (Green) 100 1600 10 50
Promo (Purple) 600 2400 100 400
Rare (Blue) 800 3200 200 800
Legendary (Orange) 3200 9600 800 3200
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