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Eternal has several game currencies.


Shiftstone icon Shiftstone is used in Eternal's crafting system.


Gold icon Gold is used for purchasing packs, campaign and bundle card sets, entry for game modes and events, and some store items. Gold is earned through playing the game, primarily from reward chests.


Gems icon Gems may be used to buy anything that can bought with gold. Gems are purchased with money through the game's store. Some items can only be bought with gems, such as some premium upgrades, promotions, and cosmetics, though game content (regular-version card availability, game modes, and events) is never restricted to gems/cash only.


Twitch Drops[]

Influence can be earned by linking your eternal and twitch accounts and then streaming or watching streams on twitch. Streamers will additionally need the Waystone extension to be enabled. [1] [2] [3]


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