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Icaria, Captain of the Valkyrie, swore an oath on the day she took up her wings: to defend the Eternal Throne against any threat, no matter the cost.
Dead Reckoning teaser [1]

Dead Reckoning is a single player campaign for Eternal, that rewards players with 25 new cards for ranked play. It was released with patch 1.29 on March 7, 2018.[2]


Cards from this campaign are uncraftable, and are rewarded by completing the missions. Purchasing the campaign costs 25,000 Gold icongold or 1000 Gems icongems, with 1050 gems in the in-game store costing $9.99.[1]


Rebels at the Gates []

Mission Mission Rules Reward
The Battle of Argenport Survive the rebel onslaught for then turns! Sower of Dissent
Defiance Both players start with 3 maximum power and 3 Justice influence, but Icaria is starting to turn to the Fire... Icaria, Valkyrie Captain

Liberation []

Mission Mission Rules Reward
The Hanging Tree Jekk must survive. Rescue him from the Hangman's Noose and then protect him at all costs! Oni Dragonsmith
The Chancelry When a unit is played, double either its strength or health at random. Jaril, Amaran Ghostblade
Rebel Sympathies Units don't heal at end of turn. Venom Rider & Mitotic Wisp
The Hermit's Hospice When the enemy plays a power, they gain 1 health. Sandglass Juggernaut & Bury the Past
Sanctuary The rebels have plenty of weapons lying around. Bore & Hooru Pacifier

Rise Up []

Mission Mission Rules Reward
Run, Cowards! When a unit dies, the top unit or weapon of its owner's deck gets +1/+1. Inquisitor's Blade
Riding Herd Defeat the rampaging dinosaur. Pokpok, Rockpacker & Hailstorm
You Cannot Hide When a unit dies, the top unit or weapon of its owner's deck gets +2/+2. Anointer of the Faithful
Collateral Damage When a card is played, the owner's other cards with that cost are free this turn. Lethrai Skystrider
Rise Up, or Be Cut Down When a unit dies, the top unit or weapon of its owner's deck gets +3/+3. Honor the Fallen

Debts Due []

Mission Mission Rules Reward
On the House Units cost 1 less and don't have influence requirements. Equivocate & Memento Mori
Barbarian Camp When a unit hits the enemy player, its owner gets +1 power this turn. Wardwielder & Daraka, Queensguard
The Low Road Sneak into the city sewers by Night. Beware the Rats. Argenport Sewers
Opening Doors When the enemy plays a unit, they play a Jack's Knife on it. Ripknife Assassin
Turncoat At the start of your turns, switch each unit's Strength and Health. Tripwire Grenadin & Overwinder

Dungeons of Argenport []

Mission Mission Rules Reward
This Ends Now - In Cold Blood


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