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Icaria, Captain of the Valkyrie, swore an oath on the day she took up her wings: to defend the Eternal Throne against any threat, no matter the cost.
Dead Reckoning teaser [1]

Dead Reckoning is a single player campaign for Eternal, that rewards players with 25 new cards for ranked play. It was released with patch 1.29 on March 7, 2018.[2]


Cards from this campaign are uncraftable, and are rewarded by completing the missions. Purchasing the campaign costs 25,000 Gold icongold or 1000 Gems icongems, with 1050 gems in the in-game store costing $9.99.[1]


Rebels at the Gates Edit

Mission Mission Rules Reward
The Battle of ArgenportSurvive the rebel onslaught for then turns!Sower of Dissent
DefianceBoth players start with 3 maximum power and 3 Justice influence, but Icaria is starting to turn to the Fire...Icaria, Valkyrie Captain

Liberation Edit

Mission Mission Rules Reward
The Hanging TreeJekk must survive. Rescue him from the Hangman's Noose and then protect him at all costs!Oni Dragonsmith
The ChancelryWhen a unit is played, double either its strength or health at random.Jaril, Amaran Ghostblade
Rebel SympathiesUnits don't heal at end of turn.Venom Rider & Mitotic Wisp
The Hermit's HospiceWhen the enemy plays a power, they gain 1 health.Sandglass Juggernaut & Bury the Past
SanctuaryThe rebels have plenty of weapons lying around.Bore & Hooru Pacifier

Rise Up Edit

Mission Mission Rules Reward
Run, Cowards!When a unit dies, the top unit or weapon of its owner's deck gets +1/+1.Inquisitor's Blade
Riding HerdDefeat the rampaging dinosaur.Pokpok, Rockpacker & Hailstorm
You Cannot HideWhen a unit dies, the top unit or weapon of its owner's deck gets +2/+2.Anointer of the Faithful
Collateral DamageWhen a card is played, the owner's other cards with that cost are free this turn.Lethrai Skystrider
Rise Up, or Be Cut DownWhen a unit dies, the top unit or weapon of its owner's deck gets +3/+3.Honor the Fallen

Debts Due Edit

Mission Mission Rules Reward
On the HouseUnits cost 1 less and don't have influence requirements.Equivocate & Memento Mori
Barbarian CampWhen a unit hits the enemy player, its owner gets +1 power this turn.Wardwielder & Daraka, Queensguard
The Low RoadSneak into the city sewers by Night. Beware the Rats.Argenport Sewers
Opening DoorsWhen the enemy plays a unit, they play a Jack's Knife on it.Ripknife Assassin
TurncoatAt the start of your turns, switch each unit's Strength and Health.Tripwire Grenadin & Overwinder

Dungeons of Argenport Edit

Mission Mission Rules Reward
This Ends Now-In Cold Blood


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