Eternal Card Game Wiki

When you draw this card, automatically play it - including optional effects. Draw a new card.


  • This skill does not naturally appear on any cards, and is generated by other card effects like Crown of Possibilities.
  • The Revenge keyword will put this ability on cards.
  • When a player at the unit cap draws a unit with Destiny, they will discard it and draw another card. [1]
  • A player can only play up to 50 free cards per turn.
  • A card "returned to hand" is not "drawn" and will not trigger Destiny.
  • Before Beta, this term used to be known as Autoplay. [2]


If a spell or ability lets you draw a specific card or type of card, and you draw a card with Destiny, the second card you draw does not need to be the same type. For example, if you have a unit that gives your Power cards Destiny, and play a spell that lets you draw a Power from your deck, the Power will be played immediately, and you will draw another card (which will not necessarily be a Power).