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Edge of Uprising is a relic weapon card.

How to Get[]

Purchasing the Shadow of the Spire Bundle, Premium Bundle, or Legendary Bundle from the in-game store unlocks a playset of Edge of Uprising.

Premium versions of Edge of Uprising also unlock if the premium bundles are purchased. Without it, the premium cards can be crafted for Shiftstone icon9600 Shiftstone each, after being unlocked in the mission."


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Edge of Uprising reuses the original art from Exalted Weapon (with some color changes). Exalted Weapon was given new artwork with Edge of Uprising's release.

Edge of Uprising, along with Dizo, Cabal Racketeer, Icaria, First Reaper, Open Contract, and Vorlunk Corps, was available for constructed play before Shadow of the Spire's release to players who purchased the set's Legendary Bundle pre-order.[1]

History Released in the Shadow of the Spire Legendary Bundle pre-order.


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