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Emotes are cosmetic items that appear short text messages used to greet, cheer, and taunt opponents in-game. Emotes are displayed by interacting with the player's avatar.

Emote Selection[]

Emotes are chosen in the Personalize and Deck Customization screens.

A default set of emotes is selected in the Profile's Personalize sub-screen. Its Atatars tab include 6 customizable emote slots, each with a dropdown selection of the player's unlocked emotes. Emotes are separated into the six emote categories: Cheer, Curse, Greet, Taunt, Thanks, and Well Played. Emotes can be mix-and-matched; multiple emotes from the same category may be used.

Emotes may be further customized for individual decks through the Deck Editor's Deck Customization screen.

Using Emotes[]

Emotes can be used during a match by interacting with the player avatar. This interaction is platform-dependent, such as right-clicking on PC or long-pressing on mobile. Selecting on of the displayed emotes displays it to both players.

Opponents' emote use can be muted, along with their totem interactions, by interacting with their avatar .

List of Emotes[]

Default Emotes[]

Cheer Curse Greet Taunt Thanks Well Played
Very impressive. Curses! Hello. You will fall before me! Thanks! Well played.
Excellent! Tough break, partner. Well, look who wandered in. Behold my awesome power! You have my gratitude. Good game, my friend.
An interesting strategy. Not exactly what I had in mind... Let's go! BWAHAHAHAHA! I appreciate that. You are a worthy foe.
Nice play! Oops. May fortune smile on us both. This shouldn't take long. I like your style. It's been a pleasure.
All according to plan. You've got to be kidding! Good luck. You'll need it! You're going down, punk. You're not so bad after all. Thanks for the game!
First luck, then skill, now victory. One time! I'll be your huckleberry. What are you up to? Thank you, traveler. Perhaps we'll meet again.

Progression Reward Emotes[]

Each faction has an unlockable emote in each category as rewards for faction progression.

Faction Cheer

(Rank 70)


(Rank 60)


(Rank 25)


(Rank 85)


(Rank 40)

Well Played

(Rank 7)

Fire icon Fire Wahoo! You got some nerve. This is gonna be good. Never bring a knife to a gun fight. You got guts. Heh, good job.
Time icon Time A wonderful moment. Tick... tock... Have we met? Everyone loses the test of time. Yes, this will do. I knew you'd do well.
Justice icon Justice Glorious! Stand down! Good day, citizen. I demand order! Your honor is noted. An honorable fight.
Primal icon Primal For the clans! Not strong enough! Ah, a worthy opponent. The elements consume you! Mhmm. You fight with courage.
Shadow icon Shadow I am unleashed! I've been betrayed... Good evening. Mercy is a weakness. A gift... I didn't think you had it in you.

Community Store Emote Packages[]

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Package Cheer Curse Greet Taunt Thanks Well Played
Curious Compliments. I'll teach you! What shall we learn this day? Will you ever learn? I offer you tribute. I learn from your actions.
Furious I salute your frenzy. Your vehemence is my bane. Let us determine who is most fierce. You rage like a soft breeze. Well, there you go! Your might is admirable.
Community JAJAJA I've made a huge mistake. Good luck, have fun! Math is for blockers. Thanks for waiting. Good game!

Signature Emotes[]

Many premium avatars have an additional, unique emote that is only available while the avatar is used. Signature emotes do not use one of the six emote slots, they appear in a seventh slot instead.

Avatar Signature Emote
Brenn, Chronicler of Ages I've seen how this ends.
Tumbling Sloth Eeehhh.
Ashara, Ruthless Assassin Make your move, sweetheart.
Nictotraxian (Jekk's Bounty upgrade) Shhhh...don’t make a sound.
Svetya, Orene of Kosul Move. MOVE!
Vara, Vengeance-Seeker Let's finish this.
Pale Rider (Deadly) Death has arrived.
Pale Rider (Flying) You look ill...
Pale Rider (Killer) I'll cut you down!
Pale Rider (Lifesteal) What's yours, is mine.
Icaria, Valkyrie Captain Face your judgment!
Genetrix Irel IV May Sol's truth guide you.
Tamarys, the Geomancer Sometimes the old ways are best.
Caiphus, Wandering King It's...beautiful.
Yushkov, the Usurper Some are born to rule!
Justa, Regglar Jotun Sneekee sneekee!
Star-Reader Severin The stars show me truth.
Milos, Unwavering Idealist If we can act, we must!
Lieutenant Relia Run while you can!
Wyatt, Junk Collector It's not's GLORIOUS!
Cursed Prophet Deleph You... who are you?
Mokhnati, Restored Grrrrr...
Snowman Thumpity, thump thump.
Tavrod, Auric Broker
(The Tale of Horus Traver upgrade)
I never said it was fair.
Molot & Nakova Our prey calls...
Icaria, the Liberator You can't stop us!
Jekk, the Bounty Hunter Nothin’ personal; just a job.
Kaleb, Uncrowned Prince Who says you can't play with fire?
Talir, Who Sees Beyond So much to discover.
Rolant, the Iron Fist This ends now!
Eilyn, Queen of the Wilds Winds protect me!
Vara, Fate-Touched A touch of shadow.
Inquisitor Makto(Dead Reckoning upgrade) I would do it again.
Svetya, Merciful Orene(Homecoming upgrade) Never again.
Albon Roa, of the Order Another duel... another victory.
Jishu, the Burning Brush This is how your story ends.


Emotes were chosen in the Profile's Emote Preferences sub-screen before patch 1.44.

Before patch 1.44's update to deck and cosmetics customization,emotes were selected in the Profile's Emote Preferences screen. This screen displayed the six emote categories, each with a dropdown selection of the player's unlocked emotes—one emote for each category could be selected.


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