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Empire of Glass is the tenth pack-based expansion set for Eternal Card Game. A subset of its cards were released early in a special Draft Preview, and it was fully released December 14, 2020 with 200+ new cards.

“Look at them build: Such spirit. How different would history have been, I wonder, if every civilization had been so single-minded in pursuing its own survival? We would not have found ourselves here.”

How to Get[]

Packs of Empire of Glass are available for purchase from the in-game store, and individual cards may be crafted with Shiftstone.

Empire of Glass packs are also used in Draft and Leagues, and Empire of Glass cards have been incorporated into the Forge mode.

New Theme Decks[]

On Empire of Glass's release, new theme decks became available to purchase in the store for Gold icon3,000 gold or Gems icon250 gems each. Each theme deck came with a legendary and three rares:

  • Overwhelming Swarm (Fire iconPrimal icon)
  • Dichro's Artillery (Justice iconShadow icon)
  • Argo's Enforcers (Justice iconPrimal icon)
  • Opum's Builders (Fire iconTime icon)
  • Kudzu's Overgrowth (Time iconShadow icon)

The theme decks are also available in a bundle for 1,100 gems. In addition to the five decks, the bundle also includes 4 regular and 4 premium copies of the alternate-art Desert Alchemist.

Mechanics & Themes[]

New Mechanics[]


Returning Mechanics[]


Unit Types[]

Grenadin Fire iconPrimal iconShadow icon
Mandrakes Time iconPrimal iconShadow icon
Sentinels Fire iconTime iconJustice icon
Soldiers Time iconJustice iconPrimal icon
Valkyrie Fire iconJustice iconShadow icon
A major theme of Empire of Glass is synergies within each of the five unit types listed above, in the factions shown. Each of these had a number of "Unit Type Matters" cards which gave bonuses for focusing decks around them.

Other Themes[]

Empire of Glass has a large number of cards that interact with the Market, sometimes in new ways with cards such as Send to Market and Fair Exchange.

Spoiler Season[]

Empire of Glass was first revealed on December 1, 2020 in DWD's announcement article for the set,[1] showing the new Legendary site The Speaking Circle and its token The Queen of Glass.

Community Spoilers[]

Beginning December 3, 2020, DWD sold community spoilers in the community store for Influence icon35,000 influence each.[1] Spoilers were available in limited batches, with 2 additional batches released in the following week, and sold first come, first served.

DWD would email the spoilers to their purchasers, which could then be shared with the game's community in any reasonable manner.

Pre-order Bundles[]

Empire of Glass Pre-Order Bundle[]

The Empire of Glass pre-order bundle featured a box of packs, new cosmetics, and more.

A $49.99 Empire of Glass pre-order bundle was available from December 7, 2020 until the set's full release.[1] It included:

Draft Preview[]

On December 7, 60+ commons and uncommons from the set were incorporated into Draft Packs in a special Draft Preview.[1] These cards were immediately playable in constructed formats, though the cards could only obtained during the preview through draft.

Preview Event[]

The Heralds of Bastion preview event ran from December 11–14, with a special gameplay rule to feature cards from the new set:[1]

When you play your first Grenadin, Soldier, Valkyrie, Mandrake, and Sentinel each game, create and draw a related card from Empire of Glass.



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