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Readies at the end of your turn, can't be stunned, and can't be exhausted except to pay costs.

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If a stunned unit is given Endurance, it removes the stunned state and readies the unit.

An exhausted unit given Endurance will not be readied unless specified by the card. For example, Reinvigorate will ready an exhausted unit, but Withstand will not.

Units with endurance still become exhausted when they attack or block, although they are readied again at the end of your turn or the start of your next turn.

A friendly unit with Endurance targeted by a Mentor ability will become exhausted, although it will ready at the end of your turn.

With the release version 1.45, Endurance was changed to ready the unit at the end of your turn instead of the start of the enemy turn. One effect of this change is that if the opponent uses a card such as Sol's Rest to take an additional turn, your endurance units will not be readied between the two enemy turns.


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