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Eternal Card Game is available on multiple platforms. It is playable on Windows and Mac PCs, mobile (iOS and Android), and consoles (Xbox One and Nintendo Switch).

Cross-Platform Play Edit

Steam (Windows & Mac) Edit

Eternal is available on Steam for both Windows (Vista and later) and Mac OSX (10.9 or higher) PC operating systems. Platform features like Steam achievements, trading cards, profile backgrounds and emoticons are supported.

Although Eternal isn't officially supported on Linux operating systems, players have found success running it using Steam's Proton "Steam Play" compatibility layer after some tweaks.[1]

Download Eternal on the Steam store.

Launch Edit

Eternal launched on Steam in its transition to open beta on November 18 2016, under Steam's "Early Access" program.[2]

Eternal was fully released out of Early Access two years later, on November 21, 2018.[3]

iOS Edit

Eternal is available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (iOS 10.0 or later).

Download Eternal on the iOS App Store.

Android Edit

Eternal is available on Android mobile devices (4.1 and up).

Download Eternal on the Google Play store.

Launch Edit

Dire Wolf Digital made an open beta build of the Android client available through the Google Play beta channel in December, 2016, along with gamepad controller support for Android TV.[4]

Xbox One and the Microsoft Store (Windows) Edit

Eternal is available for free on XBox One and Windows PCs (Windows 10). Online multiplayer on Xbox One requires an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Download Eternal on Xbox Live and the Microsoft Store.

Launch Edit

Eternal's launch on XBox One was announced November 1, 2018. DWD President Scott Martins said "Coming to Xbox One and beginning our World Championship series is a big part of the next step for us and our goals for what Eternal can become: cross-platform, competitive strategy gaming where anyone can participate on a fair, honestly free playing field."[5]

Eternal released on Xbox One and the Microsoft Store on November 21, closely following its full release on Steam.[3]

Nintendo Switch Edit

Eternal is available on the Nintendo Switch, for free in the Nintendo eShop.

Download Eternal on the Nintendo eShop.

Launch Edit

The social and portable functionality of the Nintendo Switch makes it a perfect digital platform for board games. Eternal and Raiders are leading the way for us onto Switch. Making our growing catalog available where players want to play is a huge priority, and a truly cross-platform community is our goal.

In March 2019, DWD announced that Eternal and Raiders of the North Sea would be its first game titles for the Nintendo Switch, planning to launch them with cross-platform support that spring.[6] A delay was announced during the 2019 Eternal World Championship live stream[7]

Eternal released on Switch on October 8, 2019, with full cross-platform play and collection support.[8]

Welcome Pack Edit

The Switch-exclusive Welcome Pack bundle was available at launch, containing a unique cardback and 4,000 Gems icon gems for $29.99 USD.

Gems Edit

Due to Nintendo's game currency policies, a player's gems purchased on the Switch are isolated from those purchased on other platforms with the same account. Gems purchased on the Switch may only be spent on that platform, and gems purchased elsewhere cannot be used on the Switch (the separate gem balances are displayed on the platforms where they may be used).[8]

All Eternal content aside from gem balances is identical across all platforms.


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