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This wiki's contributors can come together here to organize and discuss wiki projects. You can help improve this wiki by editing articles and creating new ones, completing day-to day tasks, and participating in larger wiki projects.

You can find more general information about the wiki on its about page.

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There are a few options for communicating with your fellow wiki members:

  • The wiki's discussions forum is available for use in web browsers (desktop and mobile) and in mobile apps. You can create new posts, reply to posts, and "upvote" posts or replies. (Help page)
  • You can send public messages to other users on their message wall. This can be useful for coordinating a joint task or asking them a question. (Help page)
  • You can write a longer-form blog post, which the community can comment on. You can use this feature for things like fan fiction, to pose questions, and to write reviews, suggestions or recommendations. (Help page)
  • The Eternal Card Game Wiki Discord server is used by members of this wiki and other fans of the game to chat with each other in real time. Note that this is an off-site tool, and joining the Discord isn't required for contributing to the wiki.

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General Tasks Edit

Day-to-day tasks and maintenance keep this wiki's content up-to-date and its presentation consistent.

Proofread Articles
Review the new, recently changed, and most popular pages. Edit as needed to correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Ensure articles are formatted consistently across the wiki—try to follow the style guide (and raise the issue for discrepancies it doesn't cover).
Add Links
Add Categories
Expand These Articles
Special:ShortPages Category:Stubs

To-Do List Edit

Check here for a wiki to-do created and regularly updated by our editors. It lists specific tasks that anyone can work on, outside of larger wiki projects—such as important missing or stub pages, templates that need to be created or updated, or planned content.

Projects Edit

Projects are joint efforts of editors who work together to improve a set of articles that cover a certain area of interest. Any editor may join existing projects and help or start a new project.

Note that project organization is currently being set-up, but here are some of the things we might work on:

Ongoing Projects Edit

  • Card History Project
  • Artist Contribution Project
  • Voiceovers Project
  • Lore Section Setup Project
  • Reference Library Project
  • Style Guide Setup Project

Semi-Regular Projects Edit

  • Spoiler Seasons & New Set Launches

Other Interesting Pages Edit

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