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Expansions are large card set additions to the game, with the first set being The Empty Throne. Expansions introduce the largest amounts of cards into the game, in contrast to Campaigns and promotions, with expansions featuring more than 250 new cards, Campaigns being less than 30 cards, and Promotions being 5 or less cards. Cards introduced into the game through expansions are referred to as expansion cards, and these are obtained chiefly through their associated card packs but can also be obtained through Crafting, Forge, Gauntlet, Event, or Draft rewards.

List of Expansions[]

Icon Omens of the Past.pngOmens of the Past[]

Main article: Omens of the Past

Omens of the Past was the first expansion for Eternal with the full launch taking place on July 13th, 2017. The second set of new cards added to the game, excluding promo cards. The expansion features 261 new cards (5 of which are noncollectible),  and introduced the Spark, Warp, Mentor/Student keywords, as well as debuting the Event system. The expansion's announcement was debuted alongside the Veteran Mercenary!  promo on June 15th, 2017.

Icon The Dusk Road.pngThe Dusk Road[]

Main article: The Dusk Road

The Dusk Road is Eternal's second expansion, launched December 18, 2017. With 282 new collectible cards. The set introduced the Nightfall, Bond, and Ally keywords and 2 types of new Power cards - Crests, which Scout the top card of your deck, and Waystones, which gives a minor bonus effect if you have 4+ of the associated influence. Prior to release, there was also a preview event where you selected one of five preview cards of the set and 4 copies were added to your constructed event deck.

Icon The Fall of Argenport.pngThe Fall of Argenport[]

Main article: The Fall of Argenport

The Fall of Argenport is Eternal's third expansion, released June 28, 2018 with over 275 new cards. It introduced Merchants and the Market, as well as the Tribute, Inspire, Berserk, and Spellcraft keywords. This expansion was released during the Chapter of the same name, and corresponds with the story of Eilyn's defeat of Rolant and taking of the throne.

Icon Defiance.pngDefiance[]

Main article: Defiance

Defiance is the forth pack-based expansion set for Eternal Card Game released December 13, 2018 with 256 new cards. It introduced Amplify, Black Market, Pledge and Renown keywords in addition to Sites.

Icon Dark Frontier.pngDark Frontier[]

Main article: Dark Frontier

Dark Frontier is the fifth expansion set for Eternal released May 9, 2019 with 252 new cards. It introduced Onslaught, Twist and Shift/Emerge keywords. Two types of new Power cards: Coin trigger by Onslaught and Insignia promoting Two-faction Alliances.

Icon The Flame of Xulta.pngThe Flame of Xulta[]

Main article: The Flame of Xulta

The Flame of Xulta is the sixth expansion set for Eternal released October 7, 2019 with 234 new cards. It introduced six new keywords: Muster, Mastery, Exalted, Decimate, Bargain and Invoke. The set included a cycle of Emblem power cards which damage you and allow you to decimate to play a unit.

Echoes of Eternity[]

Main article: Echoes of Eternity

Echoes of Eternity is the seventh expansion set for Eternal released February 11, 2020 with 203 new cards. It introduced the Corrupted mechanic, as well as continuing several mechanics from The Flame of Xulta.

Argent Depths[]

Main article: Argent Depths

The eight expansion set for Eternal was released in June 2020.

Empire of Glass[]

Main article: Empire of Glass

The ninth expansion set for Eternal was released in December 2020.


Main article: Revelations

The tenth expansion set for Eternal was released in May 2021.

Cold Hunt[]

Main article: Cold Hunt

The eleventh expansion set for Eternal was released in November 2021.