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Fire is the faction of creation and destruction; most problems can be handled with quick and violent solutions.
Fire Sigil

Fire is one of the five basic Factions in Eternal. It is themed around direct damage and an aggressive play style.

Mechanics Edit

Direct Damage Edit

Spells such as Torch, a staple of most Fire decks, can help deal with units, or damage the enemy player directly to help bring the game to a quick end.

Charge Edit

An ability mainly found in Praxis, Charge lends to Fire's aggressive nature with units that can attack the turn they are played, as well as cards such as Warhelm and Scrap Heap which give other units this ability.

Attachment Destruction Edit

Cards like Bore give Fire some of the strongest tools to deal with enemy Weapons, Relics, and Curses.

Temporary Power Gain Edit

Cards like Combustion Cell and End of the Barrel give the payer ways to boost their power for one turn in order to play high-cost cards ahead of the curve.

Preventing Health Gain Edit

Fire has no abilities that increase the player's health, but it does have ways to stop the enemy from doing so, such as Groundbreaker and Factory Quota.

Exhausting Enemy Units Edit

Cards like Cinder Yeti can be played to help get early attacks through, while Cloud of Ash can be an effective bomb to deal the killing blow.

Unit Types Edit

Faction Combinations Edit

Two-faction Alliances Edit

Three-faction Alliances Edit

Lore Edit

Scion Edit

Kaleb is the Scion of fire - the brash, short-tempered son of Caiphus, who left Argenport after his father's death to find the identity of his mother.

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