Fire Sigil is one of the five Sigils, Eternal's basic power cards. You may have more than 4 copies of any Sigil in your decks.

How to Get Edit

Players start with all the Sigils, so they do not need to be collected. Sigils cannot be crafted and do not appear in packs.

Premium and Alternate Art Edit

Premium Sigils and several alternate versions were released in some bundles. They were available for a limited time only, and cannot be crafted or destroyed for Shiftstone:

  • Premium copies of the regular Sigils were sold in the Founder Packages. They were first released from August 16–December 18, 2017 in the original Founder Package's $24.99 "Bounty Hunter" tier and $49.99 "Liberator" tier.[1] They were re-released from November 28, 2018–March 28, 2019 in a new $49.99 Founder Package bundle.[2]
  • Alternate premium "Xultan" Sigils were released in the Trials of Grodov Xultan Bundle, the bundle set's highest tier.[3] It cost Gems icon5000 gems (or could be upgraded from lower tiers), and was available from The Trials of Grodov's release on July 24, 2019, until December 19, 2019.[4]
  • Alternate premium "Nightmare Argenport" Sigils were released in a pre-order bundle for Argent Depths. The $49.99 bundle was available from June 17, 2020 until Argent Depths's June 24 release.[5]

Created By Edit

Fire cards with Pledge may be transformed into and played as a Fire Sigil on their player's first turn.

Cards with Plunder may transform a non-power Fire card in hand into a Fire Sigil. The following cards create tokens of Fire Sigil (or transform cards into it):

Gallery Edit


1.51.3Alternate-art premium "Nightmare Argenport" version released.
1.46.7...Alternate-art premium "Xultan" version released.
1.7.3Released in The Empty Throne.


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