Forge is a mode in which the player builds a deck through a series of card choices, and plays up to seven games against AI opponents. The cost to play is 2500 Icon gold. Cards chosen during deck creation are added to the player's collection, and additional Icon gold, cards, and packs can be won.

Deck Building Edit

A Forge run begins with building your deck. This begins with a choice of three cards; the chosen card is added to your deck, and another three cards are presented, until 25 cards have been chosen.

The cards you choose determine the factions of your deck. As soon as cards of two factions have been chosen, all remaining choices will be of those two factions. After the first card is chosen, the next 4 choices will include a card of the same faction, so you can choose not to commit to a second faction. However, the sixth choice will require you to choose a second faction.

Most choices will be among three cards of the same rarity. The final choice will always be rares, but there is a chance for others to be rares as well. There is also a small chance to have a choice among a legendary and two rares.

After your cards has been chosen, your deck is created using these 25 plus 15 power cards of the appropriate factions, including Sigils and Seats.

Games Edit

Once you have your deck, you begin a series of games against AI opponents. The run continues until you have 7 wins or 2 losses.

Similar to Gauntlet, each game will be against a different themed AI deck. However, unlike Gauntlet, the final match is the same as the rest and does not have any special rules.

Rewards Edit

Rewards are based on how many games you win:

1 Win 1 Bronze Chest
2 Wins 1 Silver Chest
3 Wins 1 Gold Chest
4 Wins 1 Gold Chest

1 Bronze Chest

5 Wins 1 Gold Chest

1 Silver Chest

6 Wins 2 Gold Chests
7 Wins 2 Gold Chests

1 Rank Up Chest or 1 Gold Chest

The rewards for the final game depend on your Forge rank. You begin unranked, and climb through ranks of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Master. After the 7th win, if you have not reached Master, you will go up one rank and receive 2 gold chests and a “Rank Up Reward” chest which awards 1000 Icon gold and 2 packs of the most recent expansion. If you have reached Master, you will receive 3 gold chests.

Strategy Edit

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