Geminon, the Double Helix is a Hero unit card.

How to Get Edit

Type Creation Destruction
Legendary Shiftstone icon 3200 Shiftstone icon 800
Premium Shiftstone icon 9600 Shiftstone icon 3200
This card can also be obtained from The Flame of Xulta Card Packs. Diamond Chests and The Flame of Xulta Card Packs can give Premium versions of this card.

Voiceovers Edit

On Play:"We must study our enemies."
Mastery Quote:"Satisfactory."

Strategy Edit

It's useful to protect Geminon using aegis or revival techniques so that the win condition can be achieved. It's also important to get rid of enemy player's aegis as it can prevent the hard work you worked for.

Gallery Edit


1.51.0...Now 5 cost (was 6).
1.47.1...Released in The Flame of Xulta preview event.


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