Golem is a unit card.

How to Get Edit

Golem is noncollectible and can only be generated by effects.

Created By Edit

The following cards create tokens of Golem (or transform cards into it):

A Golem is also created whenever a spell or effect needs to create or transform a unit at a specific power cost, but no units exist at that cost. Its strength and health stats are equal to its power cost.

For example, playing Unstable Form on a 12-cost unit will transform it into an 13-cost 13/13 Golem. (Note: At the time of writing no 13-cost units exit. This may change as new cards are released.) If you Unstable Form a Golem with no higher-cost unit, it will become a new Golem with +1/+1 and its cost increased by 1.


1.7.3Released as a noncollectible token in The Empty Throne.
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