The battle for the Eternal Throne takes place in a rich fantasy world filled with bold gunslingers and crafty wizards, massive sentinels and wild yeti. It’s all a lot of good weird fun, but the heart of our story is the larger-than-life characters who call Myria home.

These are our Heroes: the specific characters who separate themselves from the pack, and change their world in the process.

–The Dire Wolf Digital Team , DWD News - A New Chapter

Hero is a tag for Eternal cards representing named characters in the game's stories.

"Hero" is searchable in the game's Collection and Deck Editor screens to filter Hero cards. The tag was added on March 29, 2018 with Patch 1.31 [1]. At this point the Hero tag has no mechanical gameplay effects, but some may be added in the future [2].

Since Chapter 17: Enemies at the Gates, a new Hero is added each month as a promo card and used to explore the ongoing story of Eternal.


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