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Revolution is a messy business. A bloody rebellion is already brewing in Kosul, where Yushkov’s brutal reign threatens to break the will of a once-proud empire…
Homecoming teaser[1]

Homecoming is a single-player campaign, released March 28, 2019, which rewards playsets of 26 unique cards for normal play. It features 18 story-based missions following the story of Svetya as she returns to Kosul, to reclaim her homeland from the tyrannical rule of her usurper uncle Yushkov.[1]

Price Edit

Avatar - Svetya, Merciful Orene

Svetya premium Avatar

Homecoming costs Gold icon25,000 gold or Gems icon1000 gems (Gems icon1100 gems costs US$9.99 through the in-game store).

The premium version of Homecoming includes the premium playsets of its cards, and a unique Svetya premium avatar. It can be purchased together with the regular version for Gems icon2000 gems, or upgraded separately for Gems icon1000 gems.

Cards Edit

Homecoming's cards cannot be crafted. They are only available after purchasing the campaign, and unlocked by completing its missions.

Premium versions on each card may be crafted once unlocked, at the usual cost for its rarity, or purchased in the premium campaign.

Find Homecoming's cards in its category page.

Campaign Edit

Homecoming's playable missions are divided into several chapters. Each chapter ends with a narration by one of the story's primary characters.

Korovyat Burning Edit

Mission Mission Rules Reward
The Hammer of KosulMany will die marching under Yushkov's Banner.Korovyat Palace & Bear Guard Bayonet
A Father's SacrificeStormhalt Knife

Homecoming Edit

This chapter's missions are played using a pre-constructed deck themed around Milos and his rebels.

Mission Mission Rules Reward
Through the WoodsFlexible Familiar
Public RelationsDoorknocker
DetourApex Predator
Sol's LightCall for Aid
Cold WelcomeCamrin, the Fox
The Kosul Resistance

The Wolves of Winter Edit

This chapter's deck is themed around Camrin and the Kosul resistance.

Mission Mission Rules Reward
Hit 'em Where it HurtsNecessary Measures
By Any Means NecessaryPonysnatcher
Acceptable LossesSilverwing Courier
Blood in the SnowDiogo Málaga, Elonze
Short FuseHold off the enemy for 10 turns!Casualties of the Cause
Losses MountingAndrik, Renegade Priest

Desecration Edit

This chapter's deck is themed around Andrik.

Mission Mission Rules Reward
The Shadows BelowGlasshopper & Clock of Stolen Hours
No Pain, No GainGunrunner
Crooked HornsProfane Censer & Star-Reader's Blade
The Mad MageThe first relic the enemy plays each turn is free.Severin, the Mad Mage
No Happy Endings

The Winter Crown Edit

Mission Mission Rules Reward
Belly of the BeastMokhnati and Vargo face off in a brutal bear fight.Honor of Claws & Vargo Redclaw
True StrengthSvetya and Yushkov will choose their weapons.The Winter Crown & Demand Death
An Orene's PromiseSvetya, Merciful Orene

Notes Edit

Homecoming is Eternal's first campaign to use thematic preconstructed decks, which change with its chapters as the story unfolds.[1]


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