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The Hooru are a reclusive society ruled by the great owls, ancient sages of great wisdom and power.
Champion of Order

"The Hooru wear many faces."

Hooru is the combination of the Justice icon Justice and Primal icon Primal factions.

Mechanics Edit

Aegis Edit

The Aegis battle skill is limited to the Hooru faction alliance. Units such as Shelterwing Rider and Wardwielder have benefits conditional on the presence of an Aegis.

Stun Edit

Stun is another keyword mainly limited to Hooru. This includes temporary stuns such as Shield Bash as well as ongoing ones, such as Permafrost and Aniyah, Arctic Sheriff.

Mentor and Student Edit

The Mentor and Student keyword are limited to Hooru. These were introduced in Omens of the Past and added to in The Tale of Horus Traver, but they have not appeared since.

Flying Edit

Justice and Primal are the most flying-unit-heavy of the factions, so Hooru has a lot of options in this area. In addition, cards like Aerialist Trainer and Cloudsnake Saddle benefit from a flying-focused deck.

Battle Skills Edit

Hooru has several "battle skills matter" cards that benefit from units that have a battle skills, such as Master's Lesson and Deepwood Ranger. Cards like Tranquil Scholar and Breeze Dancer can also provide random battle skills to your units.

Unit Types Edit

Owls Edit

Owls are the iconic unit of Hooru, although there are currently no tribal synergies involving them.

Gryffyns Edit

The Flame of Xulta introduced Gryffyns, which also appear only in the Hooru factions.

Lore Edit

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