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Hour of Glass is a card set and single-player campaign, released July 21, 2021.[1] It's the 8th campaign-based set for Eternal Card Game, and the 25th set overall.

Hour of Glass rewards playsets of 21 unique cards for normal play throughout story-based missions.

You have begun to Awaken. But you remain asleep. I will show you what can be.
I will break you, but you will be made anew in my image…

How to Get[]

Regular Hour of Glass cards cannot be crafted. They are only available after purchasing the campaign, and unlocked by completing its missions.

Premium versions on each card may be crafted once unlocked, at the usual cost for its rarity, or purchased in the premium campaign.

Find Hour of Glass's cards in its category page.


File:Avatar - Ky, Awakened Master.png

Awakened Master premium avatar

Hour of Glass costs Gold icon25,000 gold or Gems icon1,000 gems (Gems icon1,100 costs US$9.99 through the in-game store). It comes with the story campaign, a regular playset of its cards, and a theme deck.

The premium version also includes premium playsets and a unique Ky, Awakened Master premium avatar. It can be purchased together with the regular version for Gems icon2000, or upgraded separately for Gems icon1000.

File:Cardback - Set Bundle - Hour of Glass.png

Awakening cardback, from the Legendary Bundle

A Legendary Bundle is also available. For $39.99, it includes:

Purchasing the Legendary Bundle from the DWD Store gives an additional Draft Ticket and Gems icon500.


Hour of Glass has 17 playable single-player missions versus AI opponents, divided into several chapters.

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Spoiler Season[]

Hour of Glass was first hinted at in a Discord comment by Scarlatch in late June, saying he had reviewed the upcoming campaign's script. A DWD announcement article for the set was released on July 9, 2021.[1]

Pre-order Bundle[]

The Legendary Bundle was available for pre-order one week before the set's release. Pre-ordering unlocked everything except the story campaign and cards when purchased (the cards featured in the theme deck were also unlocked), and came with an additional Draft Ticket and an alternate-art playset of Transpose.

Preview Event[]

From July 16–19 the new set was showcased in a special Draft event where Hour of Glass's cards were added to a Scion Draft, a phantom format (unlike normal Draft, drafted cards are not kept) featuring Eternal's most powerful cards.

Runs cost Gold icon4,000 or Gems icon300 each. Chests and packs were rewarded based on run wins and placement in a leaderboard, and each run also rewarded an alternate-art Obliterate.


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