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In Cold Blood is a spell card.

How to Get[]

Beat the last mission in Dead Reckoning, "This Ends Now".


On Play: "You made it personal."   — Jekk


A notorius Justice icon hate card, In Cold Blood works as a silver bullet against very specific units, at the cost of losing one influence.

Compared to Deathstrike, the main difference is that In Cold Blood is not a fast spell. It gains, however, 2 peculiar effects: the first and most important one is that it will kill, discard and give Voidbound to every copy of the target unit as long as it has a single Justice icon influence; the second is that it does not allow the player to run it in any Justice icon-based decks.

In Cold Blood is usually a good card in most Shadow icon decks, as the upsides greatly cover the downsides when compared to Deathstrike: either there won't be a great difference outside of not being a fast spell, either it hurts specific Justice icon decks, especially those that rely a lot on specific Justice icon units.

To get the most out of this card, one should prioritize (unless the match state forces otherwise) Justice icon units with Revenge, Aegis or with powerful effects in general. For the first ones, there are units like Crownwatch Press-Gang, Elias, the Broken Wing, Stonepowder Alchemist and (most importantely) Inquisitor Makto. For the second ones, units like Crownwatch Paladin, Kosul Battlemage, Sheriff Marley, Icaria, the Liberator and Shelterwing Rider can be good targets, but only if you manage to remove their Aegis beforehand. If playing Stonescar, having Yushkov, the Usurper already on board can help greatly. For the last ones, units like Tavrod, Auric Broker, Rizahn, Greatbow Master, Telut, Queen's Hand and Amilli, Cloudmarshal can be locked away from the match together with the value they may generate.

Remember that Winchest Merchant is a Justice icon unit, which means that killing it with In Cold Blood will essentially lock the market for your opponent.


You can play this card even if you don't have Justice icon Justice influence to lose.

If the unit is a multi-faction unit, as long as one of its factions are Justice icon Justice, the if clause will happen.

History Wording updated (non-functional change)
1.29 Released in Dead Reckoning.


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