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This does something the first time it damages an enemy player.

Infiltrate is a keyword. It was first introduced in The Empty Throne, where it's the defining mechanic of the Feln (Shadow iconPrimal icon) Faction. It has been expanded to be in each color except for Justice icon.

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Only works the first time after you play the card.

If a unit with Overwhelm dies in combat but still deals damage to the enemy player, the Infiltrate ability will trigger.

Infiltrate abilities that target one or more units, such as Desperado and Argenport Ringmaster, will only trigger if there is at least one valid target; otherwise they will remain available for later use. However, non-targeted abilities like that of Vishni, Lethrai Highblood, which targets all units in the void, will trigger even if no cards are affected.


Works well with Unblockable effects and cards that help deal direct damage such as Calderan Gunsmith.