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This article is about the influence mechanic. For the game currency, see Influence (currency).

Influence is a resource mechanic. Along with the power resource, influence is used when playing cards. Influence is generally gained by playing cards with the power card-type.


There are 5 types of influence, one for each basic faction: Fire icon Fire, Time icon Time, Justice icon Justice, Primal icon Primal, and Shadow icon Shadow. Playing a power card gives one power, and usually gives one or more influence, of one or more types (as detailed in the card's text). Non-power cards may give influence as well. Influence is displayed near each player's avatar, in a tracker along with their current and maximum power.

Each non-power card's power cost and influence requirements are displayed along its top edge. Influence isn't consumed when playing cards (unlike paying the power cost). Instead, influence requirements are the minimum amount of influence which must be reached to play that card. For example, if you have 2 Primal and 1 Fire influence, you cannot play a card that requires Fire iconFire iconPrimal icon until you gain a second Fire influence.

Influence requirements are not checked for cards played by game effects (rather than from a player's hand).

Non-power cards' influence requirements determines which faction(s) they belongs to. Power cards do not have influence requirements, their factions are usually determined by the types of power they give (though there are some exceptions, like Ancient Manual).

Influence Matters[]

Some cards care about the types or quantity of influence a player has, or that influence has been gained. Many influence matters cards have effects when an influence threshold is reached, such as Frontline Volunteer gaining Quickdraw once its owner has Fire iconFire icon.

Find more influence matters cards on its category page.


  • Surge is an influence matters keyword. Cards with Surge have an effect that triggers whenever their owner gains influence.
  • Fixing is a slang term for non-power cards which give influence or which draw power cards, to "fix" a player's influence.


Depleted power cards will give influence as normal.

Non-power cards can give influence from factions other than their own, for example this cycle of faction-neutral Strangers.

Currently,[Note 1] only 1 card removes accumulated influence: In Cold Blood makes you lose all of your own Justice influence.

Cards stolen from the opponent lose their influence requirements. Nightmare Prism may be used to removed your own cards' influence requirements.


  1. At time of writing, as of Argent Depths' release (July 24th, 2020).