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Caiphus left behind an heir who could claim her father’s Throne and maintain order in Argenport. But at the moment she was needed most, Vara walked away.
Into Shadow teaser [1]

Into Shadow is a single player campaign for Eternal, released October 3rd, 2018, that rewards players with 23 new cards for ranked play.[2]


Cards from this campaign are uncraftable, and are rewarded by completing the missions. Purchasing the campaign costs 25,000 gold or 1000 gems, with 1050 gems costing $9.99 (USD).[1]

An all-premium version of the campaign is also available. It costs 2000 gems, or may be upgraded to for 1000 gems if the non-premium campaign was previously purchased.


In the Service of the Throne Edit

Mission Mission Rules Reward
The Price of FreedomWeapons have +1/+1.Arms Enthusiast & Cauldron Cookbook

The Search for Vara Edit

Mission Mission Rules Reward
On the TrailUnits deal double damage to players.Signal Flare
What's Mine is MinePlayers draw a card when their second unit dies in a turn.Shakedown
SandstormThe enemy starts with a Sentinel in play, but you gain power for each damage you take.Waystone Titan & Maul
Consuming ShadowWhen a unit dies, their enemy gets +1 power this turn and Night falls.Trumpeting Warhowler
Heir ApparentYou start the game with a cursed relic that deals +1 damage to you at Night.Vara, Vengeance-Seeker
The Spell is Broken

The Long Road Home Edit

Mission Mission Rules Reward
UnwelcomeEvery third turn, the enemy plays a Wanted Criminal.Messenger Hawk
Writ in the StarsWhen a unit is played, all copies of it in its owner's deck gain Destiny.Sealed Writ & Unwavering Exorcist
Best Left BuriedWhen a unit is played, play a random weapon on it with the same cost.Dead or Alive
A Warm WelcomeWhen a unit attacks a player alone, it gets +1/+1 and gains a random battle skill.Gravewatch Guardian & Sea of Teeth
Stand for SomethingWhen the enemy plays a Valkyrie, it gains Quickdraw. When they play a Gunslinger, it gets +1/+1.Poaching Drake & Enemy of My Enemy
On Her Own

Into Shadow Edit

Mission Mission Rules Reward
Creeping WhispersWhen a player plays a spell, they play a random unit with the same cost.Eremot, the Gathering Dark
Strange LandsWhen a unit hits a player, it gets +1 Strength.Xulta Convoy
Familiar FacesWhen a unit with cost 4 or more dies, play a random Shadow unit with cost 3 or less and double its attack and health.Last Chance
Lights in the DarkAt the end of each player's turn, that player plays a Radiant with attack and health equal to the life they gained that turn.Tome of Repetition & Auralian Restorationist
ReunionThe enemy wins then they have 4 of each influence at the start of their turn. Beat them first!.Telut, Queen's Hand
Azindel Unmasked

End of the Line Edit

Mission Mission Rules Reward
End of the LineBoth players start with 50 power and enhanced health.Azindel, Revealed
Homeward Bound


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