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Jekk, the Bounty Hunter is a Hero unit card depicting Jekk, the infamous bounty hunter.

How to Get[]

Beat the last mission in Jekk's Bounty, "Just Business".


On Play: "Who's the target?"


Has his place in a Rakano (Fire iconJustice icon) midrange deck focusing around buffing your cards with Warcry effects or items to take advantage of the Quickdraw, and a slew of larger creatures and smaller to take advantage of the Rebuke effect Jekk makes when he comes into play.


Jekk premium avatar.

Jekk narrates the tutorial to the game, where he explains the situation with the 5 Scions, to his executioner.

He leads the player on in the Jekk's Bounty story expansion which tells a story of him before he was captured, and just a Bounty Hunter.

A Jekk premium avatar was available as part of the Founder's Package bundles, originally available from August to December 2017,[1] then re-released November 2018.[2]



1.17 Released in Jekk's Bounty.


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