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Justice is the faction of order, both in civic harmony and brutal tyranny.
Justice Sigil

Justice is one of the five basic Factions in Eternal. It is themed around defense and control of the board state.

Mechanics Edit

Armor Edit

Justice is the only faction that can add Armor icon directly other than as part of a Relic Weapon. This can help make Relic Weapons last longer, as well as giving some insulation against damage.

Ramp Edit

Justice has a number of cards to allow the drawing or playing of additional Justice Sigils, such as Copperhall Bracers and Privilege of Rank.

Battle Skills Edit

Units like Tranquil Scholar and Hero of the People can gain and give battle skills to your units, while others like Humble Instructor give benefits to units with multiple battle skills.

Decreasing Unit Strength Edit

Justice has some spells and abilities, such as Detain and Telut, Queen's Hand, which decrease the Strength icon of enemy units either temporarily or permanently.

Restricting Play of Cards Edit

Cards like Citywide Ban and Valkyrie Justiciar prevent specific cards from being played.

Board Wipes Edit

The powerful Harsh Rule, as well as End of the Story and Leave a Witness, are the most direct ways to reset the board state, and gain card advantage by removing more of the enemy's units than your own.

Unit Types Edit

Faction Combinations Edit

Two-faction Alliances Edit

Three-faction Alliances Edit

Lore Edit

Scions Edit

Rolant was the original scion of Justice. After his nephew Caiphus's death, he took control of Argenport, but his iron-fisted rule led to dissent and rebellion.

After the events of the Homecoming campaign, a new Justice scion appeared - Svetya, Merciful Orene, who took back her homeland of Kosul from the tyrant Yushkov.

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