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Keelo, Bold Innovator is a Hero unit card.

How to Get[]

Purchasing the Whispers of the Throne Bundle, Premium Bundle, or Legendary Bundle from the in-game store unlocks a playset of Keelo, Bold Innovator.

Premium versions of Keelo, Bold Innovator also unlock if the premium bundles are purchased. Without it, the premium cards can be crafted for Shiftstone icon9600 Shiftstone each after the regular bundle is purchased.


On Play: "Imbued for your safety."
Attack Quote: "I must persevere!"
Death Quote: "My runes! Failed..."


Nothing here yet!


When sacrificing a unit with no battle skills to Keelo's ability, to play a unit with the same cost, you cannot play another copy of the same unit. " another unit..." should be interpreted as " another unit with a different name...".

Higher values of Warcry (such as on Rakano Flagbearer) only count as a single battle skill for Keelo.



1.55.1 Now 1/4 and costs 3 to activate (was 1/3 and cost 2)/
1.55 Hero frame added (non-functional change). Released in Whispers of the Throne.
1.51 Showcased in the Whispers of the Throne preview event (not collectible).


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