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At the end of a long, grey wharf in Kerendon sits a tall and twisted building. The shingles that coat its walls are warped, worn by sea spray and unending wind.
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"Trust in experience!"

Kerendon is the 3-faction combination of Time icon Time, Justice icon Justice, and Shadow icon Shadow.

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Mechanics Edit

Empower Edit

Empower was initially a Combrei mechanice, but was expanded into Shadow with the release of Defiance.[1]

Unit Types Edit

Minotaurs Edit

Most minotaurs fall within the Kerendon factions, especially in Combrei and Argenport. These include cards with "Minotaurs matter" effects, such as Harga, Armory Warden and Tavrod, Auric Broker.

Lore Edit

Kerendon is the home of the sanitarium where Deleph is held, and is visited by Severin.[2]


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