Can directly attack an enemy unit once.

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Units that are exhausted or stunned cannot Killer.

Other battle skills such as Quickdraw, Overwhelm, Deadly, Lifesteal, etc. apply to killer attacks.

A Killer unit leaving play will "refresh" the Killer Skill, and it will be available once more when it reenters play.

Creatures with ambush can change a killer attack target to themselves when they enter play.

Silencing a unit that is attacking with Killer will remove the keyword, but will not stop the attack.

Units that can't attack cannot Killer.


Killer is found primarily in Primal iconTime icon, and was introduced during the game's release in The Empty Throne.

It has been most recently been seen in Defiance.

Killer used to be on a few Shadow icon cards in closed beta, (Slagmite Swarm, Feln Assassin and Whip Chain) however DWD decided that Killer didn't fit well in Shadow icon. A remnant of this is seen in The Witching Hour where one of the Pale Riders summoned has Killer despite no other cards outside Time icon and Primal icon having access to the Keyword.


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