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Lake Terror is a Unit.

How to Get[]

Type Creation Destruction
Rare Shiftstone icon 800 Shiftstone icon 200
Premium Shiftstone icon 3200 Shiftstone icon 800

This card can also be obtained from Unleashed Card Packs. Diamond Chests and Unleashed Card Packs can give Premium versions of this card.


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Lake Terror is a part of a loose ten-card rare cycle of two-faction cards that highlight the two-faction alliance's mechanical theme in Unleashed: Rockfort, Riot Detail, Clash of Wills, Break and Enter, Minotaur Brawl, Lake Terror, Forged Deed, Growth Spurt, Poacher's Menagerie, and Direwood Hymn.


2023-01-11 to "At the start of your turn, exhaust Lake Terror." (previously exhausted at the start of each turn)
2022-05-11 Released in Unleashed.