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Lastlight Judgement is a spell card.

How to Get[]

Type Creation Destruction
Promo Shiftstone icon 600 Shiftstone icon 100
Premium Shiftstone icon 2400 Shiftstone icon 400

This card can be obtained by winning matches during it's promotional period, otherwise it can be crafted.


Nothing here yet!


Lastlight Judgement's cost is reduced whenever either player Decimates their power.

Cards which can't be killed, such as Vargo Redclaw or cursed relics with Eloz, Nightmare General in play, will survive Lastlight Judgement's effect.

After Lastlight Judgement is played, the Night turn countdown (displayed when hovering over either player's avatar) will show "Night never ends".

The Eloz premium avatar, released with the Lastlight Judgement promo.

Lastlight Judgement is the second promotional card of Echoes of Eternity. The promo quest period lasted from February 25 to March 2, 2020. For a limited time, an Eloz, Nightmare General premium avatar was available in the store for 300 Gems icon gems. A bundle with the avatar and a promo theme deck (including 4 premium copies of Lastlight Judgement) was also available, for 500 Gems icon gems.[1]

Lastlight Judgement was revealed the weekend before it's promo quest, during the DWD's official Eternal Championship Qualifier: Echoes of Eternity tournament stream in February 2020.[2]



1.50.0... Released as a promo to Echoes of Eternity.


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