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Tyrants never seem to understand. The power you wield is on loan from your people. If you abuse it, we take it back.”
Milos, to Svetya, [1]

Milos is the de facto leader of the rebel forces. After his father's death in the First Battle of Argenport, and witnessing the horrors of the Iron Fist's Harsh Rule, he took up arms to lead the rebels against Argenport.

The Rebellion Edit

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Full Art - Sower of Dissent

The First Battle of Argenport Edit

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Full Art - General Izalio

The Inquisition Edit

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Full Art - Inquisitor's Blade
Full Art - Curfew Enforcement

The Fall of Argenport Edit

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Wallpaper - Light 'em Up

End of the Rebellion Edit

The Kosul Resistance Edit

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