A unit achieves Mastery when it deals total damage equal to its Mastery number.
Mastery is a trigger keyword that appears on units and weapons. It was first introduced in The Flame of Xulta.

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You don’t need to deal the damage all at once. You can do it over multiple attacks. Whenever you reach the Mastery number, you’ll get the Mastery bonus immediately.

When your unit makes progress towards Mastery, it keeps that progress even if it changes zones, like being bounced by a Teleport or killed by a Deathstrike.

BUT the unit only gains Mastery if it deals damage and survives. If your Relentless Combatant attacks and dies from being blocked, it will not gain Mastery from the damage of that attack.

Mastery works when blocking too. You can gain Mastery when blocking, making a Killer attack, or any other time your unit would deal damage and survive.

Similar to Ultimate, an achieved Mastery can refresh if your unit leaves play and returns later. [1]


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The Mastery keyword was first revealed in Dire Wolf Digital's mechanic announcement article. [1]


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