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Cards with Mentor have an additional effect when played if you exhaust one of your units as a Student.

Mentor is a trigger keyword introduced, with its associated keyword Student, in Omens of the Past as the defining mechanic of the Primal iconJustice icon Hooru faction.

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Mentor abilities only trigger as card is played, and only if another unit is chosen as a Student. Units that are currently exhausted can't be used as a Student. If a Student isn't selected, or one isn't available, then the Mentor ability has no effect.

The Student keyword does nothing on it's own, and a unit cannot be a Student without being mentored by another card. Student appears without Mentor on some units which gain an additional effect if they are mentored. Currently, three such cards exist: Crownwatch Squire, Highbranch Sentry, and Watcher of the Big Ones.[Note 1]


Mentor and Student returned in two The Tale of Horus Traver cards, Twinstrike Master and Hooru Teachings.

A unit with Endurance exhausted as a Student will ready at the start of the opponent's turn.

If a card has two or more Mentor abilities, each will trigger separately and require its own un-exhausted Student. Currently, the only situation where a card can have two Mentor abilities is through the Heroes Rise! and Hero's Welcome events' special rules, by giving a Hero unit with Mentor (such as Nostrix, Lord of Visions) the "Hero's Mentor" upgrade.[Note 1]


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